Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My sister sent me the following diet - I guess she saw my post about wanting to lose a few pounds. I am wondering if it's legit...

Italian Pasta Diet....It Really Works

1. You walka pasta da bakery.

2. You walka pasta da candy store.

3. You walka pasta da ice cream shop.

4. You walka pasta da table and fridge.

You loosa da weight!

Hmmmm...so I'm guessing that the key ingredient (tee hee) of the Pasta Diet is the "walking"...they may be onto something here...

I, um, am definitely in need of more exercise so will clamber onto my stationary bike while I watch a rerun of Criminal Minds. Nothing like a good serial killer to get one pedalling faster, faster ahhhhhhh!

Seriously though (yeah right), I am attempting to follow the Calcium Diet which is aimed at women my age (over 40, away over 40!, menopausal) whose metabolism has slowed down allowing the pounds to creep on slowly over time.

I've set up my goal in the sidebar and will post any progress on Mondays - I think once a week is frequent enough though I will weigh myself everyday. 444 is on board for the weight loss challenge and hopefully Sharon if she can stop baking cookies lol!

Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck girls, do you think I,ve left it too late to lose 10lbs before the 14th. :)

  2. I'll be interested to see how you do on the Calcium diet...being a woman over 40 myself ;-)

  3. Jane, good luck with the "walking pasta" and the "calcium". Just wanted to help you with a myth about that metabolism and getting older: the only reason people have a slightly slower metabolism when they age, is because they move less! You can totally have an impact on your metabolism by moving more!

    Have fun walking, cycling or whatever you find fun!

  4. Being way past 40, I am interested in how the Calcium diet works for you! I have been moving.. going to the gym and working with a trainer. ( Not financially prudent, but good health is important) The weight is slowly coming off, but I tend to think I am building more muscle as clothes are fitting better.

    Did fall off the healthy wagon last night.. fried fish, FRENCH FRIES (Yum) and beer.

    Today will be better!

    You can do it Jane!

  5. chuckle on the pasta diet...

  6. This is your sister writing from the island..at quarter to eigtht this morning I was walking on the treadmill for half an hour then did a stint on the recumbant bike..Frank and a friend do this five days a week, plus they have other exercise equipment..I think when I start working hard on "my" new 35 acre property the weight might drop off quite quickly, or so I am hoping..terribly excited today as I opened the doors on our dear old place with my own key..wish it wasn't so cold down here right now..good luck on the weight loss, very interesting diet..love you lots L.Dee "part-time islander, part-time mainlander"

  7. Lisa - I used to have a gym membership but don't like to have to leave the house in order to exercise especially in the winter:) I'm a wimp that way. I love to bike so bought one cheap and I've put a ton of miles on it - it's there when I need it and I can pass the time by flipping through the chanels. Hey - found a new show called Mortgage Burners or something like that - experts show people how to save $$ on their budget and apply it to their mortgage - not bad.

  8. MCMOM - duly noted...MOVE more. OK, I started wiggling my foot lol!

  9. Hello dear sister: you're used to the cold being a Muskokavite for a number of years - get outside! Seriously, I plan to invest in really good raingear and winterwear when I move out to PEI - I want to enjoy it all year round:) Happy for you!


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