Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another FREE Activity: Couch Potato
This was me today. Woke up with a splitting headache so managed to grope my way to the couch. Had some tylenol and coffee - a cure that works for me if I can get it into me early enough...and keep it in (TMI I know).

Well I kept it in but needed to repeat a couple more times throughout the day. Now I feel pretty good if I don't move my head too much. One benefit of being a couch potato - it doesn't cost a thing:)

Now I need to haul my butt into the shower - we have tickets for the latest Harry Potter movie tonight. We've been looking forward to this since we saw the last one about a year and a half ago. Just the kind of evening I need - no effort required but sitting in a comfy seat and munching on some popcorn:)

Which brings me to the real reason for this post...

Thanks for NOT enquiring about how the diet is going- I haven't even weighed myself in almost 2 weeks! It was too much to think about what with everything else going on - what was I thinking? So...fresh start on Monday....hopefully...


  1. I don't know if you already read this story in my blog, but last summer I had these headaches that came back nearly every day for weeks. So was Mr. 444; he could not get through the workday without a pounding head. After a while not even Advil (my typical one-pill-cures-all) would work. I took TWO Advil and it was NO help.

    One day I was so sick I could not move without feeling like vomiting. I could only stare at one spot on the carpet and whimper. The husband came home from work and drove me to urgent care where they diagnosed me with a migraine and injected me with happy meds, then sent me home.

    The next day I discovered the real reason for the headaches: I had bought DEcaf coffee without realizing it and we had been drinking it every day for weeks.

    Bad, bad caffeine addicts we are here, I know... That'll teach me to read the label very carefully from now on!

  2. Jane,
    So glad you posted about the diet thing. I'm up another 5 lbs. Ugh. I'm rejoining weight watchers, and I'm thinking on starting on Mon. as well. This time for real.

    Hope you are feeling better!!!

  3. I won,t talk about your weight if you promise not to talk about mine.

    By the way Harry Potter was an awesome movie enjoy.

    Get well soon.

  4. Enjoy your movie night! I can't wait to see it!

  5. 444, my last year in college I was having high blood pressure and panic attacks so I decided to quit the caffeine. I thought I'd die - I was on the couch with my heart literally pounding/racing and shaking..I had no idea how potent that stuff was but I had been drinking at least 3 2 liters per day of diet soda while studying and walking around campus between classes...I was on overload. I still don't drink it too often..mostly a cup of hot tea at work during the first 2-3 hours of the 12 hour shift and one restaurant that doesn't have decent water and diet coke seems to be the only choice without sugar though I often choose another restaurant because of this even though the food is SO good there!

  6. I've been a couch potato too this month.....however that picture has encouraged me to get out of the house today and walk!!

    Enjoy the film and I hope the headache stays away :-)

  7. OK Sharon - I'm with you. Life seems to be back on an even keel, for now, so I am ready to try again:)

  8. Susanna & 444: I cannot go WITHOUT my fix everyday either or major major headaches. My routine is this: I arrive at work at 6:40am and have a cup of green tea. Then I make a pot of coffee and drink two cups. I also drink 2 glasses of water during this time. Then I drink cold green tea from Costco (really yummy), more water and most days an EA will make another pot of coffee - sometimes I partake, sometimes I have an herbal tea instead. Then if I go to Starbucks after work to hang out with Michael for awhile I stick to herbal tea (most of the time).
    If I were to forego my 2 cups of morning coffee I would have a severe headache by noon. I have gone totally off caffeine a few times and can't say I've had as tough a time as you two but I sure feel crappy. Hmmmm sounds like a future challenge - give up caffeine - hah! not likely for a few more years:)

  9. Laura - glad me being ON the couch helped you to get OFF the couch:)One day at a time for you though, don't push too hard!
    Maureen - the Harry Potter movie was soooooo good!! I knew as soon as Voldemort got the wand and raised it up that was the end of part one:) They've got me hooked!

  10. Sounds horrible to have a headache that bad! Glad you felt better and got to enjoy the movie!

  11. I'm glad your headache is gone and you enjoyed the movie. I hope to see the movie in the next week or two. 444, I read your story about the coffee a while back and laughed so hard, I spit my coffee out!

  12. Can't wait to see the movie myself. Have to wait for a quiet weekend (as if those ever happen). I'm not much of a couch potato but sometimes wish I was. I get too restless to stay in one place for long.
    Glad your head feels better.


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