Monday, October 17, 2011

Looks Like It's a Challenge!

Before I get to the CHALLENGE I'd like to show you what I bought from Novica. Yes, I'm a WINNER, but then you already knew that! Recently Judy had a give away on her blog which was a gift certificate for Novica and I WON! Let me just say that I have worn "le scarfe" every day since it came in the mail (Friday). 

It is drop dead gorgeous!! (I call it "le scarfe" because a friend of mine a while back spelled scarf with an "e" by mistake and it became quite the inside joke...personally I think "le scarfe" is a big step us from an ordinary scarf...and THIS is no ordinary scarf!! (I have strange friends)

Yes, it's true...I love it...thanks Judy! And folks, you should go and check out Novica's website, after all...Christmas is coming! And I can give you a few hints about the other stuff I really want...

OK, the  CHALLENGE.  It seems that there are a few of us who would like to get to the end of October without spending any more money of food (other than milk, bread, produce).  There's Laura, Sharon and me! (and you too, you just didn't know it until now!) Some of us need to save a little extra and some of us (like me) already have enough food to last til the end of the YEAR!!

I am a little (ok a lot) embarrassed to show you the state of my fridge but it's just gotten so out of hand I just had to do it...sometimes you have to shame yourself to get something here goes...are you ready???

The freezer portion of our fridge: I made soup on Saturday, guess who made soup on Sunday?
Yes, Michael, so some of it had to be put in the freezer.
Soup anyone?

Even the door of the freezer is overloaded!


There is not an extra square inch of space anywhere!! Only buy the really huge bag of carrots it you have fridge space!! And wouldn't it be nice if we all like the same kind of juice??
My daughter is famous for putting her leftover takeout cartons in the fridge
swearing she'll eat them and of course several days later I chuck them out.
I've even thrown out the Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and it's still jam packed!!
Needless to say my head is hanging low. I promise to do no more shopping until November, except for bread and milk. Now I'm going to go do my scissors exercise for the first time.  Wish me endurance!! 


  1. It looks lovely! I am so glad you got something you could use!!!!

    Enjoy it and keep warm


  2. My fridge is about as empty as yours is full!!! Still enough to eat in there for at least a week, I hope! :)

    Hope your scissors exercising goes well. I too chicken to try. I like being able to get out of bed in the morning! ;)

  3. My fridge never gets a chance to be full. Everytime my kids open the fridge door they inhale and the fridge is empty :)
    I have been trying hard to keep our food budget to 800 a month, last month was 1,000 :( boys have hollow legs though and I won't let them starve :)
    Good luck on emptying your fridge, if I lived closer I'de send over one of my magic fridge emptyers :)

  4. Good luck with your challenge but with all that food I think you'll manage. :)

    I love that le scarfe. You really look beautiful too.

  5. The "scarfe" is gorgeous on you, Jane!! Love it!! Your fridge/freezer looks like mine... Only we have a full deep freeze too! *hanging head in shame* I've been trying not to shop too... its insane!

  6. I have to keep on top of mine or it gets too packed - I'm thinking the next fridge I buy will be as maller one - not as deep! stuff in the back of mine just seems to stay there. :-( your condiments reminded me of my coworker - she cleans hers out every time she makes a brisket - anything less than 1/3 or 1/2 full goes on top of the brisket - she uses a bit of sense though in what she tosses on(no hot pepper LOL!) but leftover italian dressing, ranch dressing, teriyaka...on the brisket it goes.

    I'll take some soup! I had some tortilla soup today at Gringo's(dad bought!) and wish I could duplicate that is sooo good. and yes people not on diets go there for this soup sometimes - my boss for one likes it a lot and gets it even when she's not trying to be healthy! it's that good so I'm thinking it might not be all that lower cal! nothing good in life is free...


  7. No more food for you! You also do not need to lose weight, you are skinny, I have just decided to not like you for a moment...... Okay I am over it! I want your house in PEI, I want your body, I want to be able to take pictures like you, I want your scarf, I do not want your fridge.

  8. that shawl is totally you! looks great on you!

  9. I thought of joining the challenge, but as I sit here and think of what's in my fridge/freezer/pantry I realized that I have 1 chicken, 2 pork chops, and some sliced beef to use up. Maybe I'll limit myself to spending 50.00 for the next two weeks? I'm sitting here thinking of how creative I can get with everything I have in my home! Great idea!

    PS love the scarfe!

  10. Johanna: why didn't I think of that? There must be some teenage boys around here somewhere who could eat me out of house and home!?!

    Susanna: that is a darn good idea about the brisket and using up sauces. Once the fridge is a bit emptier (a LOT emptier)I'll do a crockpot brisket with a few sauces and see how it turns out!

    Carla: how did we become such food pack rats?? I call it my Little House on the Prairie syndrome - storing up for the long winter ahead lol!

    Sam: there are no rules really so join in with your $50.00 maximum...the more the merrier!

    Little Lamb: send me your address and I'll ship half of my fridge food to you!! The scissors is hard! I'm glad the song I picked is only 2:50 long!

    Thanks Judy - you're the best!!

    Niki - thanks for the compliment - much appreciated :)

    Michelle P - thanks, I am so pleased with it - it's hard to tell from a picture, it's even nicer than I thought it'd be:)

    Kim: I do find myself tempted to eat more with such a full fridge! Last night I had a big helping of green beans, broccoli and asparagus along with TURKEY - bags of turkey still in the freezer!
    I'm glad you don't really hate me:)

  11. hey, I have those same two black bananas in MY freezer!

  12. You're a pretty girl, Ms. Jane. That's all I have to say today.

  13. oh I love the scarf!! it's gorgeous!

    unfortunately my fridge is nearly empty so I'll be skipping this challenge but good luck!

  14. The scarf is beautiful Jane and looks great on you! hmm, maybe it was the holiday but my fridge and freezer seem to be brimming lately too. although I do love extra packages of frozen soup, they make great lunches.


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