Sunday, October 9, 2011


When you arise in the morning
Give thanks for the morning light
Give thanks for your life and strength.
Give thanks for your food
And give thanks for the joy of living.
And if perchance you see no reason for
giving thanks,
Rest assured the fault is in yourself.
American Indian Saying


Maureen said...

In this live life consciously year I am going to celebrate thanksgiving every day.
Beautiful sentiments, have a wonderful weekend.

Maureen said...

I just wanted to add that I love your new blog layout.
And you managed to add the sidebars, how did you do that.

Anonymous said...

Have a great day, Jane!

Jane said...

Thanks Kim!
Thanks Maureen! Do you mean the goal sidebars or the pattern? The goal sidebars are from the website The pattern is from a new template I'm using called "Travel" and there is a choice of dozens and dozens of patterns, photos, abstract designs etc. I like to change things up frequently but the photo at the top is always one of my own. The one up there now is from PEI - we were sitting outside around the firepit that Michael made. In the city it's too bright to see the moon and stars in the night sky - I just fell in love with the sky as viewed on our property - its so huge!
Yes - a good philosophy to live a thankful life everyday - there is so much to be thankful for - and none of it is "stuff"!

The Witch said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
It's a great day here the sun is shining away and the breeze is cool. Perfect Fall day.

Jane said...

Sounds lovely Witch - I miss "home" so much!

Canadian Saver said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

I really enjoy your blog... so glad I found it through the Witch's blog!

Jane said...

Thanks Canadian Saver! Glad I found you too!

Michelle said...

... and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jane. I'm thankful for many things and many more things to come.

Mark said...

What! Is it late November already? Oh, you mean Canada. You scared me there for a second. Okay, I guess you folk can give Thanks too.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Friend, m.