Monday, October 3, 2011

No Spend Days

How's THAT for motivation? My plan this week is to have 5 No Spend days, including today. And gathering from the way I'm feeling it shouldn't be too difficult.  My cold symptoms went underground yesterday and I thought I had really evaded the bullet. Ha ha on me. So I stopped taking oil of oregano thinking smugly that I had pulled a fast one on these puppies:

Yes, today I started having symptoms again so it's back on the oil of oregano though I think I'm past the point of no return. Crap. So it will be straight home from work for the next few days, no stopping at Starbucks or any other cash-sucking evil stores. Speaking of which...

Yesterday Michael and I took more old clothes to Talize and received our $5 coupons. That gave us a total of $15 in coupons so we decided to go in and have a little look around.  Yeah, really, we're only looking...HAH!! What with the chill in the air and me not wanting to turn on the furnace yet I thought I should get a few long-sleeved tops to wear. Usually my hot flashes keep me more than toasty but when I spend a while sitting and using my laptop I do get chilly. I found a couple of really nice tops - one still had its original tags on it! Michael was looking for shirts to wear to work and found a really really amazing leather jacket for $25.00! How he ever found that in the shirt aisle I'll never know! 

But now I'm down to $78 in personal spending money til my next payday which is Oct. 14th. This should be more than enough as I only tend to spend money on the weekend and there is only 1 weekend between now and payday. But I will help myself along by declaring the weekdays as No Spend days. Hey, whatever works right?


The Witch said...

You gotta love no-spend days.
I'm really trying this month to achieve 15 no-spend days. Will be super hard but I'm going to try.
I hope you are feeling well soon, thought you had beaten this bug, but it must love you.
Sounds as if you got some good bargains at Talize.
Would love to see some pic.

~Carla~ said...

Murphy always shows up when he's not welcome! :P Hope you're feeling better soon! Great find on the leather jacket, lucky him!

Sharon said...

Bummer that you are sick again Jane! It's really a bad time of year for illness...something is bad out there getting all of us! I go to the doctors (yet again) tomorrow. Is it Spring yet?? :)! Feel better and good luck with the no spends! They are coming "naturally" to me while I've been under the weather!

Anonymous said...

I"ve had the sniffles scratchy throat/tickly ears - went to quilt retreat this weekend and am hoping it was just allergies since it seems to have slacked off a lot. I'm having trouble posting on some blogs..guess blogger is up to its old tricks again. :-(