Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making a Dent

No photos, fridge looks about the same. Kazi and I have eaten 3 containers of soup, the leftover pad thai is gone and a salad container is almost empty. So there has been a bit of space created but it's hardly noticeable at this point. That's ok though, nothing NEW is going in there for at least two more weeks! Well, Michael hard-boiled half a dozen eggs but that doesn't count...they are the same eggs that were already in the fridge - they've just changed from liquid to solid.

This Saturday, my regular marketing day, I'm going to chain myself to my stationary bike (now there's a picture) and I'll bike all of my food shopping impulses away and make myself really hungry so I can chomp my way through a few more fridge layers of food!

Today I did enter a grocery store, I am compelled to confess, but I only bought a loaf of bread and some bags for the vacuum cleaner. Then I left...honest!!  Oh, and I had to buy a bulb for one of the headlights on my car, so off to Canadian Tire to make another necessary but non-food related purchase. 

So far so good!!


  1. I've also developed a keen interest in not spending money this month. I had to take one of the kids for french fries at a fast food joint (under $2 for that treat, which she earned.) But I scraped coins from the car ashtray to pay for it and didn't buy anything for myself. I don't need a treat every time the kids get one! What a novel concept. And the impact was virtually nil since I had just gathered coins to pay for it.

  2. No food shoppping for us this week either. We have everything we need so all I need to go out for is milk. Funny how we are almost programmed to go to the market.


  3. We're doing pretty good this month too! I've changed my organic box to biweekly to save $$ and prevent waste, and we're eating from the freezer!! I think I may continue into November as our deep freeze is quite full!

  4. Great job Jane! I will only have to pick up milk and bread. AND, since I have NO money left, it's a good thing.

  5. Good job Jane. I have a bad habit of going to the grocery store and loading up on 'sale' items even if I don't need them. as hubby says, how much did you have to spend to save that money?

  6. I'm so guilty. I see boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale and now I have so much of it in the deep freeze, not to mention other meats from 'buy one, get one free' sales. Then we forget to take something from the freezer and off I go to the grocery store for fresh chicken/meat/fish... it's crazy but I'm working on getting through what we have already purchased. Sales are always going to be there.


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