Thursday, October 27, 2011

Merry Bloggy Christmas

Serendipity is having another Bloggy Secret Santa exchange! Head on over to her blog if you would like to join in - I am!!

Things to know about me:

  • I love to read and have a Kindle that goes with me everywhere (though I also still read lots of REAL books and always will - most of the books I read are crime novels:) nothing like murder and mayhem to lift one's Christmas spirits lol!
  • I have a sweet tooth for things like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and pecans, roasted almonds, cashews - actually any nut will do!! 
  • my extremities are always cold - I love warm woolly socks and mitts, hats and scarves - yes, it gets pretty cold around here! 
  • I'm a big coffee/tea fan: Starbucks, Timmies, green tea, rooibos, chai, and oh yes, hot chocolate! In fact I'll drink pretty much anything that'll warm up my insides:)
  • I love handmade jewelry  made from "seed beads" - earrings, bracelets - any colour at all
I'm so glad Serendipity is doing this - now I'm actually starting to get excited about Christmas!!


Sarah said...

oh i hope I get you! I have lots of great ideas...

Little Lamb said...

This is fun! Lots of blogging friends are joining in!!

~Carla~ said...

I've joined too! :) Love reading all the posts too!

Mark said...

Thanks for reminding me to get my wool sock out. I hat Winter!

Sharon said...

Yes, yes, yes!! This will be a blast. I created a separate page on my blog of my "wants". :)! So fun!

Out My window said...

You like many of the things I like. I am always cold also, and love chocolate and nuts, even the human kind.