Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Spend Days

Yes, I've kept my money in the vault this week!

Monday - No Spend
Tuesday - No Spend
Wednesday - No Spend
Thursday - I cannot tell a lie; I bought a coffee for $1.65

Friday - ?? I will be doing some food and beverage shopping for Thanksgiving weekend. Because of my frugal ways this week I have $$ left to cover these expenses:) We have been invited to my nephew's cottage on Lake Erie (near Port Dover) for the holiday weekend.  He and his partner bought it this past summer and they've invited us a few times but this will be our first visit. 

I am so excited as the weather is supposed to be PERFECT!! We are going to go hiking, sit on the beach, bask in the sun and no doubt I will put back on a pound or two! Well, I have to show how thankful I am for this year's incredible harvest lol!

Tomorrow I'll be buying two pumpkin pies from our highschool's culinary class and I 'll be picking up a bottle or two of wine to take with us. Saturday I'll be picking up a few things at the farmer's market (squash, bread etc) and then I'll be cooking OUR turkey and all the fixings for a Saturday night Thanksgiving dinner with immediate family. Early Sunday we'll head to my nephew's place and come back on Monday - a nice little get-a-way!! Ohhhh my stomach hurts just thinking about all of that rich food. I will try to take very small portions so that I don't totally negate the progress I've made in weight loss.

Tomorrow I will post my weekly wrap and then I likely won't post again til Monday night. I have lots to write about such as goals and challenges for 2012. Lots of you have been writing about similar things and it's got me thinking. Which is good.

Well, gotta go. I want to see some of the NHL game tonight (Montreal vs Toronto...go Habs!) and then see who our provincial premier will be for the next 4 years...yes, it was election day today!  Did I vote?  Of course!! 

Ok, bye for now!


Michelle said...

You probably don't have time but I have the BEST double layer pumpkin pie. One layer of cream cheese and whipped topping and another layer of pumpkin puree, spices and vanilla pudding mixed together and nestled into a scrumptious graham wafer crust.


~Carla~ said...

It's supposed to be absolutely GORGEOUS here this weekend!! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Michelle P said...

Great job on the no spend days! And yum pumpkin pies sound good.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Jane and well done on the no S=spend days!

Can't wait to see your 2012 plans :)

Sharon said...

Your weekend sounds awesome! I may have to have an early "Thanksgiving" here! I'll have to come up with something FAB for 2012 too! :)! Enjoy!!

Canadian Saver said...

I hope you enjoy the weekend, sounds like awesome plans you have for it!

Way to go on the no spends!

SonyaAnn said...

You really are impressive. Once you put your mind to something, there is no stopping you! Please teach me!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

ok I woke up pretty fast - kept thinking 'but it's not the end of November yet?!'
I'm up at my dad's waiting for my brother to get here so we can go eat(of course now that I'm back on Weight WAtchers it figures I'll be super challenged right off the bat!) crossing my fingers...but I was almost over the allergies or whatever I've had that made me cough my head off and now I'm stopped up from all new allergy-causing things...sigh...

a cottage sounds soooo nice! have a great time!


Lindy Mint said...

I like your comment about appreciating the harvest. :)

Enjoy your weekend! I'm also looking forward to hearing about your goals. I gotta get mine figured out too.