Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap

It's a blah kind of day and I'm feeling...well...kind of blah. This is the kind of day that makes me want to stay in bed. Or, at 5:30 in the afternoon, get back into it! I'm so tired it took all my effort to hit that exclamation nose is still running (I know, TMI), my head is achy (blame the low pressure system currently dumping drizzling rain and millions of leaves) and, sadly, the numbers don't add up.

You know what I mean? Just bring on Thursday and let's get this week over with. I'm feeling glum chum. And I'm at a loss to think of anything good to cheer myself up with...lemme hockey team sucks (Montreal Canadians...well at least they beat Winnipeg but that's not saying much), I'm all alone (kinda good, kinda not), I'm hungry (when am I not?) and I'm afraid to step on the scales (thanks Sharon for your kind "skinny"'re a dear), I should go make myself supper but all there is is turkey and I'm tired of turkey after eating it Saturday, Sunday, Monday and knees hurt (tried a little jogging on the treadmill...yes, I'm that desperate), and I feel like going shopping.

OK, now I should look at the bright side of things: I finished my students' progress reports today, I am almost finished my last IEP (Individual Education Plan for my special needs students), Michael's taking me out to dinner Friday night (it's for his son's 24th birthday but he said he'd buy mine too, only two days left in this short work week, I get paid Friday, I have free library movies to watch, people actually love me, I HAVE food to eat and I HAVE shelter from the rain. And if I really DID go shopping I could afford it.

Isn't it great how a little review of one's life can put everything back into proper perspective? Not that I'm feeling all cheery and perky now but I am sitting up a little straighter.

Here are the numbers for the first twelve days of October, read 'em and weep!

It doesn't look too bad laid out like this but what you don't know is that my food budget of $200 was supposed to last til this Friday's pay and I'm over already by about $73.00. Like I said yesterday, I need to budget more for food when there is major feasting going on. 

I had $150 for misc spending til this Friday's pay and am over by $54. Oops. I still have $25 for gas and I will use it up before Friday.  And I had $0 set aside for entertainment and I spent $61 - do I sense a pattern of overspending here? After all the whining I did in Sept. and all of my vows to keep my spending in line I can plainly see I haven't taken those lessons to heart...yet.
What I've had to do to make up for my overspending is reduce how much I had planned to put into savings.  That affects my long-term goals. Somehow I need to keep my long-term goals in the forefront of my mind - I'll have to think about that and see what ideas I (or you!!) can generate!  HELP!

I think I need to set my goals for this coming year. I've been talking about it but haven't actually gotten down to the nitty gritty yet. Such procrastination! School has kept me super busy and I'm afraid I've neglected other important stuff - like finances and goals. I'm just sort of wading through each day hoping the money will take care of itself.  It rarely does as you and I both know. 

I'll try and find some motivation and see what sort of plans I can come up with, but it's so NOT happening today. I plan to procrastinate a wee bit longer...


Marguerite said...

oh that procrastination, so easy to slip into. I had an instructor once who told the class that every morning when you go into work you should pick up the hardest thing you have to do that day and do it first. Everything else will be a breeze after that. I don't often take the advice but I do remember it well.

Sharon said...

I haven't figured out October's budget or set my new financial goals ...I'm kind of afraid of what I might find. (Actually, I would have LOVED to only spend $273 on groceries...I have to go back to spending diary...

And yes, I meant look GREAT!! :)!

Anonymous said...

I think the week is dragging for everyone. It was all I could do to drag myself into work today but you are doing great!!


Out My window said...

I saw your pictures at Thanksgiving and you do not need to lose weight! I give you permission tomorrow to get a starbucks coffee, (sorry I can't pay for it) but it is a cheap way to get you out of a slump and you deserve to be out of you slump!

444 said...

I don't know what your goal is, but you look like you have the figure everyone wishes they had. So yes, have a treat, and cheer up. (Pumpkin coffee if you like that sort of thing - everyone talks about that and I think "blecchhh!") ;o)

I'm having the same "blah" feelings like, "how many ways can I stretch this money to pay the same bills?" Oh well, I guess we have to just count our blessings, like you said!

Jane said...

@ Marguerite - I really like that advice - pick the hardest thing and do it first. I did that today - thanks for the tip!