Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lost and Found

Tuesday - No Spend Day! I made myself a tea at school, grabbed a free newspaper from the office and sat outside in the sun at Starbucks - the one whose patio gets the afternoon sun. As I sat there I swear I could hear the birds going "cheap cheap!"

I have "lost and found" the same two pounds for the last two weeks!! I've been falling off the wagon...a lot! Very frustrating - I don't think I'm going to hit my goal of another 10 pounds off by November! My rate when I was just losing was about 1.5 pounds a week so.....not  going to make it. But I am renewing my efforts and did really well I had lost those 2 pounds once again! Now the real effort must be put into NOT regaining them.

Good news: Michael got a one-off gig coaching Good Life Fitness executives at their PD day - $1500.00 for one afternoon!! Woot! AND my daughter left me a note to say she's been promoted to bartender - no more serving!! More money!! I've asked her to pay for her car insurance ($50 per month) and she hemmed and hawed, now she doesn't have any excuse!

Happy HUMP DAY to all of my fellow working stiffs!


  1. Wow $1,500 is a lot! And congrats to your daughter. I've been thinking of maybe applying for a bartending job for part-time.

  2. Sounds like awesome news all around! I can't seem to lose any weight...but then again, I stopped trying. Have to get that going again...

    Great job on the no spends! You go girl!! :)!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. My dream when the girls are off the family cell phone plan and pay their own insurance, yes I see it coming in the future?

  4. I really like your header photo. It's so inviting.

  5. Congrats on the 2lbs! :) And awesome news on Michael & Kazi!! Wow!! I could handle $1500 for a days work, couldn't you? ;)

  6. wow $ coming your way! I'm struggling with the weight issue too - joined weight watchers online and a gym that's cheap - my intention with the gym was an extra place to go for classes or equipment/treadmill/change of scenery - ended up with a 'nice' personal trainer who basically pitched a temper tantrum (throwing a notebook binder on the floor and telling me I didn't want to be helped and I'd fail once again and walked out on me)-thinking seriously of filing a complaint. I still want the gym though because of the classes but I have such a negative feeling about the place now and don't want to see that jerk again.
    wow $1500 a day! too bad he doesn't get those every day LOL! bet he doesn't tell people they're losers...
    good luck with the 10 lbs - you're having so many problems I think because you're not that heavy to begin with - your body wants that insulation for the winter probably LOL!

  7. Congratulations to Michael and Kazi and of course you! Sounds like some positive things are happening for everyone. I'm so happy to make it past hump day this week and slide in a nice long weekend. Turkey here I come.


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