Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap & Other Crap (How to get Great Stuff for FREE!!)

Only one week left of October - that's CRAZY!! Where did the month go?? Well, I slept the last week away in a kind of daze, that's why I've been MIA for the last few days. (daze - days - I'm a poet!!) I have been feeling VERY TIRED, can't get rid of my cold, and work has been crazy-busy what with progress reports, IEPs, parent/teacher interviews, for a few nights I was going to bed at 8 or 9pm.

"Ok - Exhibit A" (maybe I missed a career as a rapper!)
The Good News: I did NOT go food shopping yesterday! And yes, it wasn't easy to stifle that habit but I did it! Even so I'm still very close to my $400 total monthly food budget due to overspending on Thanksgiving. Our fridge/freezer is definitely less packed but there is more than ample food to get us through to the end of the month. Sharon and Laura - how are you doing on this??

Other good news - DEBT and SAVINGS columns dominate my Spending Diary graph. Sometimes (ALWAYS) I feel guilty about my MISC purchases (read unnecessary purchases) but when I see the height of the MISC column compared to the DEBT and SAVINGS columns I can actually smile, laugh at my silly self (ha ha ha ha) and cast off those dang guilty feelings:)

The Bad News: I wish I could say there wasn't any bad news but there is a wee bit. I won't be able to make that extra deposit into my EF this month as planned because I had a few other expenses to cover and used that money up. You could say that's also Good News since I didn't have to take money out of savings to cover them. I had to buy a bulb for one of my headlights this week (well the car's headlights not MY headlight AND that's a whole other story!!) and I also took the car in for an oil change which always ends up costing way more than just the cost of the oil change - a brake light was not working, a filter needed changing etc. So the extra EF money was spent on the car instead and I am OK with that.

The extra expenses this month were more than balanced out by TWO GIFTS I received this week; one from Michael and one from Kazi. 

This gorgeous leather jacket is a gift from Kazi.  She works as a bartender for a popular club in London. Every couple of weeks unclaimed coats left in the coat check are given away to the Goodwill.  This one she nabbed and brought home for me - it fits perfectly and goes really well with Michael's gift:

Michael gave me an early Christmas gift this week - my first pair of Blundstone boots! Now that he's working at Fodemisi's he gets a great discount making these unaffordable boots affordable!! They are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn and I never want to take them off - EVER!!

Aren't I lucky?? All I need now is a Harley!

Other Crap:

  • Sarah - I've fallen off the Scissors wagon but I do plan to get back on. It's just been one of THOSE weeks.
  • After much taste testing Michael and I agree that the best chicken wings in London can be found HERE!  However, just to be sure we'll need to try them again....and again....
  • the SMARTBOARD that I received for my classroom in September has finally been hooked up!! It's so much FUN!! My students will be using it for the first time tomorrow - I can hardly wait!! More about this in a future post!
I think that's a WRAP


  1. I think I need those boots! When is your on-line giveaway?
    Have a great day!

  2. I didn't spend any money on food...yet. I have to go out tomorrow morning for a few filler items, but that's it! I should last until next Sunday. Whew. I don't think I could "borrow" any more money from November. Sigh.

    LOVE the boots! AND jacket!

    You are lucky indeed!

  3. I like the leather but not the motorcycle idea. What do emergency room staff call motorcycle riders? DEAD!

  4. I have the budget thing down to a fine art - just not able to save like before which is a downer. I wish I had your income to go with it. I'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, we live on a lot less than many are able to and remain debt free and well fed. I always, always feel we could trim a few things here and there and put a bit away for those unexpected things that show up when you least want them to. I think back to our city days making near 6 digits (combined) and I'm thankful that we made the decision to live well below our means and prepare for mortgage-free homeownership in the Maritimes.

    Now... about those chicken wings. The BEST I ever had are right here at home. The secret ingredient is adding Lee Kum Lee's chili garlic sauce to the hot sauce (and bit of butter) which you only add to the cooked wings and then popped in the oven for a few minutes (or they get too salty)... the best wings. We used to eat out often, one of the luxuries we allowed ourselves as we were tenants to a lovely but otherwise nosey elderly couple. We pretty much enjoy all of our fav foods right here at home in rural NB. I don't feel deprived living at or below the poverty income line. But... we prepared. I do worry about the next 9 years before I can really retire. This is my biggest worry. :-(

  5. Wow... wow! First there's a free jacket, but never mind that - I just love those boots! (would come up there and mug you for them but by a 95% certainty, they wouldn't be my size)

  6. Actually we call them donor cycles at my place. Not nice but unfortunatly true.

    I love the jacket and boots thought and free and good discount is always good.


  7. wow I've wondered what's been going on! I check here pretty much every day and finally JACKPOT! love the boots and jacket - got a man at a shoe store - girl you've got it made - shoe store, can cook, good looking... :-)

    sorry you've been sick.


  8. I'm doing really well on the grocery challenge, not so much on the no spending...although it's all planned purchases which I MUST NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT!!

    Good job on the Debt and Savings domination!

  9. Love the boots! An early Christmas present - you're so lucky!

  10. Love the boots AND the jacket! Glad you had the EF to cover those extra costs. It seems there will always be the extra's that snipe our money!

  11. Those are some "Sweet Kicks" as the kids would say ;) And they go with the FREE jacket. It doesn't get much better than that!

    Glad that you've got some energy back!

  12. You are going to look so great in your jacket and boots. You are loved!

  13. Thankfully you didn't have to replace your "headlights", those cost a fortune & never look real anyways... !! ;) lol!

    Congrats to Kazi!! Yay!!

    Love the boots, Jane! They do look very comfy! :)

  14. I've heard about those boots. They are supposed to be exceptionally comfy and well made. Good job Michael on the gift!


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