Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hunt for Red October

 Oh, there it is...I guess the "hunt" is over:) I'm ready for October to be OVER actually as my wallet just has a few pennies in it and some Canadian Tire money. We are doing REALLY well on our "NOT shopping for groceries challenge" (well, the grocery store doesn't take Canadian Tire money now does it?!!), though I noticed we are on our last bag of milk. So I will be buying milk, bread and salad greens this week - nothing else. Dinner tonight? Succulent ribs and bean stew - yum yum! The fridge and freezer still look pretty full so I'm going to see how long we can go before I break down and do some shopping!
Yesterday was such a gorgeous fall day so of course we went hiking (in my new boots!)! Perhaps these luscious looking berries would go well on my morning oatmeal??  Yes, being of Scots origin I lurve my oatmeal and make a big batch every Sunday to get me through the week. It's a complete meal in a bowl as I boil it in skim milk and cinnamon along with some wheat germ, then add dried cranberries, ground flax seed, almonds and sesame seeds or whatever else is hanging around. It's also really good mixed with apple sauce or a small container of yogurt.  Very thrifty and if you know us Scots we love to be thrifty!!

My favourite pic from yesterday's hike. Isn't she just so precious in her yellow boots, they're almost as nice as mine! Those two geese at the top of the picture don't look real, they look like a pair of bookends but they're real, I swear! The little dumpling was crumbling up a bun and dropping it in the water for the ducks and the geese...she was really popular:) I love her nonchalant pose and mop of curls - so cute!
Almost as nice as mine, but not quite!

I had this post ready to go last night but then lost my internet connection so here goes today, hope it works! Made it through another day without spending - I'm going to try for 5 no spend days in a row. Saturday I'll have to part with a little cash as its our annual Halloween bash - I have no idea what I'll dress up as yet but "biker chick" comes to mind....

Do YOU dress up for Halloween?? What about that "Witch" out in PEI???


Anonymous said...

You take some of the best pictures. This has to be my favorite after the flower girl picture. I do love your new boots to.

No food shopping here either but probably milk and cheese by the end of the week


Marguerite said...

Jane, your oatmeal sounds a lot like my granola. oats, flax, cranberries made in big batches but mine is cold. I like the sound of yours better for winter. (and it sound of a good way to use up apple sauce!) Do you just warm it in a microwave each morning? how does that work?

~Carla~ said...

Love the photos! Fall is so beautiful here! :) 5 no spends would be awesome!! Good luck!

Jane said...

Thanks Judy - the more I look at that pic of the little girl the more she reminds me of Kazi at that age - she had blonde ringlets and LOVED feeding any animals she came across.

Marguerite - yes I just reheat in the microwave; cooked oatmeal will last quite a while in the fridge and then I add fresh berries/seeds/yogurt etc. I like that it keeps me from getting hungry during the morning - sticks to my ribs!

Carla: thanks! Spent too much in the first half of the month so trying to stay on budget with No Spend days:)

Lisa said...

Pretty pictures as always. I think the biker chick idea for Halloween will be a great idea! Can't wait to see what you decide. I don't dress up for Halloween, not against it at all. Just have a lack of creativity when it comes to that.

SonyaAnn said...

Great post!!! I think you are doing great with the no spend.
We had to buy tires right after we got back from Vegas. It broke my heart!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent photograph of the girl, and you're right, those geese don't look real!
I will have to make a batch of oatmeal (who knew it would keep for days?), as Martin eats it every day. Handy to have ready to roll, so to speak.
I can't believe your fridge doesn't look much different, ha ha. You'll have to post before and after pics when you're finished your experiment!

Mark said...

Why didn't I think of this post title?

Louise said...

love the pics as alwaya1 autumn is my favourite season, just so many beautiful colours around.
good luck with your grocery challenge

Jane said...

@ Lisa: thanks, although I love the colours of Autumn I still love the "rebirth" of spring the best:)
@Sonya: Murphy got ya after all your freebies in Vegas :( I did the new tires in August when I could least afford it!
@Kim - I am always looking for ways to cut down the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning. Oatmeal cold doesn't look too appealing but once nuked you can't tell the difference from fresh.
@Mark - perhaps your brilliance is on the wane....?
@Louise - thanks hon! It's not hard to get a great photo at this time of year!

Sharon said...

Ha! Biker Jane? Sounds great!

I, like everyone else, LOVE the pics! Especially your boots! :)!

Witch in PEI? sounds intriguing!

Great job on your food budget...I'm still holding on too!

Sharon said...

P.S. Love the "witch" out in PEI! :)!

Sharon said...

Jane, did you get my last comment? I think something went screwy...

Jane said...

@Sharon: I think I got all of your comments (only you'll know for sure!:) I love love love my boots - I'm wearing them right now - in the HOUSE! Doesn't that photo of the boots look like it belongs in a catalogue lol!?

The Witch said...

Love those new boots!! I can tell you are also extremely happy with them. Gotta love good footwear.
Sorry I haven't been around lately.
Was just down in the dumps. No real reason,well maybe work.
Anyway I'm having Rummoli party with lots of party food and drinks.
The house is totally decorated for Halloween.
You talked about making Oatmeal for the week do you have a recipe for this? I love Oatmeal also but find mine is always gummy and I've never heard of making it for the whole week. This sounds like a good idea and then I could take it to work for morning breaks.
Would love you recipe.
Have a great weekend.

Jane said...

@ The Witch: there you are! Work seems to be getting a lot of people down lately. I definitely believe that more and more is expected of us over the course of a work week and I'm not getting any younger! I'll post my oatmeal recipe for you - I don't find it gummy. Welcome back! I hope you'll post some pics of all of your decorating - you really go all out for Halloween!!

Lindy Mint said...

Hooray for fall red! Kinda makes me dislike my city life a little bit.:)

Sooo. Will there be a Halloween costume update post? My kids are going as WWE wrestlers. I'm thinking I WON'T be dressing up as a WWE Diva this year.