Saturday, October 23, 2010


Right around when this picture was taken (May 2010) I was at my lowest weight for the past few years. I had been following the Calcium Diet and it had been going quite well. And yes, I was going to a highschool reunion in June:)

What I just realized today when I was getting fall/winter pants washed and pressed for the upcoming cold season (yuck) and hence my post title "Woops" is that I gave away all of my "fat pants"!!!

Hmmmmm...didn't think about that when I made the decision to not buy any clothing for a year.  The reason I gave away all of my "fat pants" (you know you all have them so don't judge me lol) was to give me motivation to stay at the lower, more desirable weight. In retrospect I wonder how I could have been so stupid!

Winter is coming, I need to store up some fat to see me through the cold and flu season (see how useful juicy rationalizations are?) but now I have no cushion, no extra stretchy pants with slightly looser waistbands and baggier butts! What was I thinking? I am sitting on the horns of a dilemma.... either that or I am sitting on a large bag of popcorn from the movies last night after a big bowl full of delicious pad thai a la Michael!!  Not to mention a box of Smarties!!

Big sigh...

So now I not only have a budget to stick to but will need to drop a few pounds so I can stay in my current size-restricted winter wardrobe.

Another big sigh....

Perhaps those two goals can work together: eat less food --> save $$ on the food budget. This is going to be tough people - anyone want to drop a few pounds with me and keep me motivated?


  1. I,m trying to lose some weight before the Wedding but with only another 3 weeks to go I,ve definitely left it a bit late, and I also gave my fat pants away last Winter when I was slimmer than I am now. Like you I thought if I had no fat pants to escape into that I would stay slimmer. I was wrong and now I,m paying the price.

    I don,t have a drop of Scottish blood in me I have 100%, I was born there to Scottish parents who,s parents were also Scottish nowhere in the family tree have any of us got a trace of anything else in us, until my 2 oldest Grandchildren were born to an Australian Father. My Son married a girl who like himself Emigrated from Scotland to Oz when she was young, and so my youngest Grandchild is also 100% Scottish blood.

  2. Jane!
    I feel your pain! I lost 24 lbs last year and proceeded to gain 10 back. My clothes still fit, well sort of, but I refuse to buy anymore in a larger size. I will be happy to try and lose weight with you!

    I would be so impressed if you can go a year without buying any new clothes....:!

  3. Good Luck!!!! Hope it works out for you!

  4. I will gladly take some of your pounds. I am dropping weight like crazy and it's scaring BF so much so that he is baking whole pies for me this week.

    (I've been sick and haven't been eating as much as my body needs from lack of appetite)

  5. Jane,
    I would also like to lose a few pounds especially before Christmas where you know you are going to gain some extra weight.
    I actually don't know my current weight because I don't have a scale in the house. I guess I'll have to weigh myself at work and try to scale down on the sweets and chips.
    But it's Halloween and those little chip bags and candy bars are calling my name.

  6. There's an article in the Toronto Star today suggesting a link between obesity (not suggesting you're obese - because you're not!) and paying for groceries with credit cards.

    Apparently it's easier to buy junk food when we don't actually part with the cash at the cashier.

    Perhaps you can use one of Single Mom, Rich Mom's tricks and only take a certain amount of money with you to the grocery store, like $20 or #$30 a trip. This way, you don't have enough money to tempt you into buying anything that's likely to derail you from being more comfortable in your skinny jeans!

    Good luck! You're looking great!


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