Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap

Oh how I love to "wrap" up another week. October is almost finished and so far I'm still in the black.  This has been a very low spend week and I don't mind a bit.

To summarize: our food budget is empty but as Michael just showed me there isn't any room in the freezer to store any more food. I replenished our milk supply, bought green onions for tonight's pad thai, and splurged on two 2-liter bottles of pop: Jamaican Ginger Beer for guess who and Fresca for me. We seldom buy pop but since we're having a guest for dinner I thought having a couple of different drinks on hand could classify as being "hospitable" and hey - we all need a few juicy rationalizations to get us through the week:)  There is $1.81 left in the food budget til next Friday. Unless we suddenly go on an eating binge (it has been known to happen) we should be ok. Anyhoo, I could stand to lose 5-10 pounds.

On the bright side (and isn't there always a bright side?) we have used NONE of our gas budget as other family members have kindly gassed up the car so that extra $$ will get funneled into Christmas & birthdays which is currently looking rather dejected:(

We are still coming under budget for hydro (though not for long) - this month by $12 so I added that to my misc. spending which now stands at $90 until next Friday. I'll have to buy some Halloween candy with that and a couple of items at the pharmacy but should still have something leftover by next payday (Fri. Oct. 29). Barring any unforeseen Halloween candy eating binges that is...

P.S. the photo in my header was taken on Cascumpec Rd. just a few miles south of Alberton, PEI.  In the few seconds that I stepped out of the car and onto the bridge to take the picture I fended off at least 8,000 giant-sized mosquitoes:) I WON!


  1. Love the new picture! Glad you fought the mosquitoes to get it. It sounds like October is going pretty smoothly for you, that is wonderful! Like you, I am still trying to funnel some cash into a Christmas account... yikes. I really gotta get busy on that!

  2. I never win against the Aussie Mozzie, I think they like the Haggis in my blood.

    An awesome month for you in the spending dept. I seem to have had to buy one thing after another, but some weeks are just like that.

  3. I was thinking about a trip to wal-mart for some groceries but right now I have plenty of meat in the freezer, veggies in freezer and pantry, and pasta and rice..don't really need anything! And none of the sales this week are particular enticing either except for a couple of stores and one I'd have to spend $10 to get free canned veggies but don't know what I'd buy unless it'd be fruit. I should be out that direction today so we'll see.

    what's ginger beer? is it really beer with flavoring or is it like root beer where it's not really 'beer'?

    I've done well with low-spending as well - next month will be the true test though when I start getting more serious about Christmas and have the whole month to count! Then try to do December though I may be at my parents' a lot that month since I'm on vacation. January and all of next year will be my big test on staying motivated and saving! well paying off the car THEN saving! but seems every time I have big goals something puts a monkey wrench in the plans! crossing my fingers!


  4. Yippee for still in the black & under budget! I love when that happens!!!! Keep it up for just a few more days!!!!

  5. Thought your header photo looked familiar. Lovely shot.

  6. Lisa - yes, I am starting to worry about Christmas. I have another $300 earmarked for that account because in Nov. and Dec. I don't have to pay my property taxes (I'm on a ten month automatic payment system - which is VERY handy for this time of year) but that still won't be enough. But I refuse to touch any other savings accounts so may be slimmers pickings under the tree this year!

  7. Maureen - do you have some Scottish blood running through your veins?? Me too!! My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Gordon & my daughter was a Highland dancer for years and years.
    I didn't know mosquitoes were bad where you are. They really love me too for some reason - but I really jumped around and was in and out of the card within about 10 seconds - it's a wonder the photo isn't blurry lol!

  8. Susanna - ginger beer is more like gingerale - but with lots of ginger - it really has a bite to it and leaves your mouth feeling HOT!
    Doesn't sound like you need to do any grocery shopping. Remember the old adage: if you have to spend money in order to save money (free canned veggies) you haven't really saved anything!
    You're off in December? I have 2 weeks off that month, can't wait. Do your parents live nearby?

  9. Thank you Bev at Bimbark! I see you are from Alberton - welcome! I purchased a home on Butcher Rd. in August which will be a summer home until I retire, hopefully in 4 years time. My partner and I fell in love with Alberton and Northport area - can't wait to get back!

  10. nope my parents are about 4 hours away but they were down here weekly for about a year while my dad did cancer treatments. Now it's every 3 weeks for this new treatment since the other treatment didn't work.

    that drink doesn't sound like my kinda drink!

    well I did go grocery shopping though just some sale stuff - the grocery store right near me had ozarka bottled water(tap water her is meh and I drink more water if I have a bottle), bread, buns, and some bbq really cheap(fixed one and put the other 3 in the freezer). my parents would eat that as well and it's a quick meal so long as I have bread or potatoes for it. putting off making the chicken salad now since I have this to finish up or freeze.


  11. First summer we were here, we thought we'd have to move back to Vancouver Island, lol, where you don't even need screens on the windows! We spend a whack of money on two mosquito magnets which did the job nicely around the house.
    Second summer, the skeeters were only half as bad, if that.
    This past summer, pretty much nothing. Those in the know attributed it to us attracting swallows to our property (nest boxes) and we didn't even turn our magnets on!
    And different areas are worse at different times.
    OR ... I'm just getting used to the things?
    I WON'T get used to the black flies, though - I end up with so many scars and welts!

  12. Jane,
    The picture is beautiful! I noticed it immediately!

    It sounds like you have your expenses down to a science. I am waiting until October 31st before I buy halloween candy. I just don't trust myself! :O

    I have a couple of dollars left in my envelopes until the 29th...hopefully they'll last!


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