Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time to Make a Withdrawal

Since my $40.00 blowout last Friday night I haven't spent ANY money. On Monday I spent $6.37 from my food budget at the grocery store and still have $70.00 left for groceries until October 15th (have already bought a turkey for Thanksgiving this weekend) so feel confident that I won't overspend on groceries.

(I HAD to buy Liquid Plumber as my upstairs bathroom sink was clogged!)

Well the clog is fixed and I've had 4 No Spend days. Today I'll have to take $20 out of the bank as I play volleyball tonight and we always go out for a drink afterwards - my pint of Stella costs $8.00 including tip. That will leave $87 in my misc. spending jar which should (along with the $12.00 in my wallet) last until I get paid on Oct. 15th.

You know, I'm getting to like this challenge!!


  1. FYI--try a plunger next time for your clog. You may need to place a small wash cloth on the overflow spot while plunging. Chemicals are harmful to your pipes, the water supply, and your wallet.

  2. Thanks for the tip - I have never tried a plunger on a sink before, just toilets, so I will give that a try next time. You are right on all counts!

  3. Hi Jane, Stay out of the store and you'll be sure to save money -- congrats on your frugality! Keep up the good work. -- Marge in Colorado

  4. No wonder your enjoying the challenge, you are making it look so easy.
    I am hanging out for payday tomorrow, so I can impliment the next part of my budget, the Telephone/Internet/Cable TV payment.

  5. It only looks easy because I just started:)It'll be whether I can maintain it for the long haul - that'll be the test.
    I keep hinting to my daughter that I want to cancel the cable TV but she has made it clear she wouldn't be very happy about that. The cost of my telephone/internet/cable is over $200 and we also each have a cell phone bill so I'm considering getting rid of the land line.
    I get paid on the 15th and end of the month - I wish I got paid every week.

  6. lanniedee@gmail.comOctober 7, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Hi sister dear: we are in the same boat! Let's keep it afloat..saw our banker today so the ball is rolling..Jim and I have discussed canceling the movie channel and I'm giving up beer for the winter..know any cheap, cheep wine! ha, ha..might help with the weight problem our frugal years are starting too..went into the Sally Anne today, came out with it's working! Let's encourage each L.Dee

  7. Welcome sister!! That's great news!! My cyber friends and I talk alot about ways of being frugal - several of us have committed to a year of "spending consciously" by asking ourselves is this something we need or something we want? We have set financial goals for the next year and encourage each other to stick to them. Want to join us?

  8. You sure are getting the hang of the challenge!!! Great job on the No Spends! I NEED to start...coming family will not know what hit them! :)!

  9. lanniedee@gmailcomOctober 7, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    Hi sister: what's involved in joining you all..I don't have much of an income..I siphon off some of my money into a mutal fund, it comes off at the bank automatically..I'm gathering up stuff for a yard sale in the spring..tho I just hate having a yard sale and kept away from them this year too, only went to best bet, "stay out of stores" can be a comforting thing but I don't "need" anything like clothes, shoes or books..I'll read what I have, wear what I have and pine away , ha, ya L.Dee

  10. Thanks Sharon - it's the "honeymoon" phase...hopefully I can keep it up!! The time has to be right - You'll be on board soon!

    Sister dear: Nothing much involved other than making a committment on your blog to "spend consciously for a year"; visit/follow/comment and encourage other bloggers some of whom you can see in my side panel. Strenth in numbers you know!:)

  11. Back at ya sister: sounds good, I'll get at it on my blog as soon as possible..another committment Jim and I made was to only eat out once a month on Fridays instead of four times a month. It's been our date night for over ten years and I sooooo look forward to getting out and not cooking that night..But keeping the dream alive of "Cranberry Cottage" helps..neat how both our places start with a C..conjures up Caring, comfortable and crazy!, ha,ha..I'll be looking for a big money jar later today..Happy big sister who is still learning from her little sister love ya L.Dee

  12. Don't get too BIG of a jar or it might fill discouragingly SLOW. Start SELLING your stuff - you've got a fortune inside of your house! You don't need it all - what you need is:
    Jim - check
    house and land in PEI - check
    friends - check
    good relationship with family and children - check
    See how rich you are???
    Stuff ain't where it's at!!

    Time to UNLOAD!!

  13. Hi sister: Well "thrifty Friday" went second day downtown, back to the bank and get a haircut..thought I might need a snack before walking home so grabbed five dollars from Jim's stash of change..spent $1.75 at library, have books on sale in backroom. Got five books, two for Christmas gifts. Bought small dish at Sally Anne for 49 cents to reheat my frozen squash I love and a pr. of 99 cent earrings..came home with rest of change. Ate lunch with friend Wilma, treated later in day to coffee..won at Golf, won back what I spent! Plus we ate in Friday's that for my first effort? for you joining that online site for savings..don't do big sis


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