Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waiting, Waiting and More...yes that's right....Waiting

Everything is on hold. And I don't like that as I am a woman of action. I am not a patient "waiter", not at all, and especially when that involves someone I love - my DD.  Someone from my insurance called me at work today; it seems that a "mystery witness" has come forward to say that when the other car struck my car that my daughter was driving the traffic light was green, not red as the original witness stated. This means the investigation is in limbo until police sort it all out. What can we do at this point? Nothing but wait.

If the other driver is at fault and charged then his insurance will cover my deductible ($500) and our insurance will likely still go up. If my daughter gets charged we lose that $500, our insurance goes up and I don't know what else - perhaps she loses some demerit points and gets fined? I don't know the answers to those questions. My daughter swears the light was red and so did a witness at the scene. Of course I believe my daughter who is now considerably more stressed out at the thought of being charged by police - but who will the police believe? She is having trouble sleeping and is unable to concentrate on her assignments and all I can do is make tea, keep her close...and wait.

My weight goal (to lose 10 lbs.) is also on hold. In this frame of mind the last thing I can do right now is diet...though I should try to eat healthily so I don't get sick. I have added a weight loss goal bar to my sidebar and will get started on it once this situation is all sorted out.

I continue to drive the rental car. I spent most of yesterday perusing car ads on the internet to see if I could find a replacement car that is similar to my old car for a reasonable amount of money.  Of course, buying a replacement car is now on hold as I won't get any insurance settlement until "fault" is determined.

So, what should I "DO" while I wait - I am very open to suggestions my friends.


444 said...

Glad to hear that your daughter is fine - remember that's the most important thing and everything else will not stress you out so much. Sorry about the snafu, though. I also have a 10-lb. weight-loss goal, too, although I know this is the last thing on your mind right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm an insurance broker but for Alberta where the rules are a little different from Ontario. Saying that though, intersection accidents are always a pain in hinney. There is a possibility that the accident may go 50/50 if you have 2 different independant witnesses both saying something different. And it may take a while to decide fault, like a couple of months. I'd still go ahead & look for a replacement vehicle, either way you need it, right?

Maureen said...

As you can do very little about the outcome of the Police report, try concentrating on the bigger picture, and that is, that as worried as she may be your Daughter is alright.

What,s wrong with tea and sympathy from Mum.

Jane said...

Thanks 444 - after struggling to find clothes I could get into this morning I think I'd better start getting my weight under control - I would be happy to join you in a 10 lb. goal.

Jane said...

Thanks for joining the conversation Anon - I would like a 50/50 outcome better than my daughter being charged. Re the car - insurance haven't told me yet that it's a write-off so until then I'm in car-limbo. I've been looking online so have a good idea of what's available in my area.

Jane said...

Hi Maureen - I wish I could do something about the police report, I am feeling a little, no a lot, frustrated. But I hear you. Went home early from work yesterday, made tea and kept Kazi company. After a little while she got going on some homework and completed an assignment so am very proud of how brave she is being.

lanniedee said...

I seem to remember you and Kazi love to curl up and watch movies together. This is an extra bonus of "together time" for the two of you, usually she'd be in school and so would you be..Your impatience will transmit itself into more worry for Kazi? When my mind won't stop from my inherited Obsessive complusive thinking from "you know who" I get outside and go for a walk..get out the baby album and you both, believe me I know what stress is right now too..luv L.Dee

Anonymous said...

sounds fishy to me this 'mysterious' witness...I'd put more weight on the person who was there and stayed to give the report to begin with. But you probably can't do much to influence the investigation..I know here there's not unless you hire a lawyer and all that. I'd say try not to worry though I know that's hard and just keep enjoying the time with your daughter..she's alive and will recover from the injuries...she was so lucky with that guy running the light like he did.
we finaly got down in the 50s last night! back up to the 80s today most likely though. just hope we don't get the 18 degree weather like we did this past January - this part of the country isn't built for it with our pipes exposed and uninsulated!