Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Money - Where Did You Go??

Last Friday I once again took $40 out of my misc. account leaving me with a mere $22 to see me through until payday next Friday.  No problem, I thought, I won't spend it all. 


It slipped through my fingers faster than water.  I had loaned myself $10 out of our Crofters Lane Jar because I was going out to breakfast with some girlfriends and didn't have time to go to the bank. So the first thing I did was repay to jar. OK, down to $30.

Later in the day when we arrived at the trailer we found that the hydro was off. It seems that someone who had perhaps closed their trailer for the season had flipped off the wrong switch. Easy problem to solve but everything in the fridge was spoiled. It wasn't much - nothing in the freezer and mainly condiments and drinks in the fridge. We needed cream for coffee in the morning so off I went to the variety store as the grocery store had just closed. So a measly little pint of cream and a newspaper was about $6.00.

Then I spent close to $20 on a nice bottle of wine to drink around the campfire. See how quickly my $40 disappears?? Nothing but loose change left.

This morning I decided to treat everyone to a coffee from Tim Horton's as we lazed around the house.  Loose change?  Gone!

So now I face the remainder of the week (4 days til Friday) with only $22 left in misc. spending. $10 of that is earmarked for my volleyball game Wed. night. So looks like I'll have to have a couple of "no spend" days between now and Friday.  Can I do it??

I sure hope so!


Lisa @Cents To Save said...


It is great to read how quickly money slips through your fingers, because it does the same thing to me!!
Seriously, I think you will make it until Friday with only 22 dollars... You are very determined!

Anonymous said...

one of the reasons I don't carry a lot of cash! I dunno..I think you can do it just fine but stay by yourself and don't meet up with any friends! wow alcohol sure adds up where you are..maybe here too..that's one thing I've never cared for - well cigarettes either - but goodness knows I have plenty of other vices like mexican food, chocolate, dairy queen ice cream..geez I better shut up LOL!but I know when I eat out even a drive thru meal it adds up big-time on my credit card so I'm trying to be more conscious of this because next year I want to be in saving mode!

Maureen said...

Of course you can make it !!11 I have every confidence in you.

By the way the theme reception is not an Australian thing it,s a my crazy Daughter thing, because it,s a late afternoon service we can all get away with being fairly formal.And then it,s on with the masks and lets have a ball literally.

its me, sam said...

Some weeks the money can stay put all week, while other weeks it slips through your fingers like sand! You'll do it!

Jane said...

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys!! With support like this how can I fail?
Susanna you make a good point about alcohol - that is one of those "want" vs "need" items that I need to put more thought into. It's expensive and really, couldn't I just have a glass of cranberry juice instead?? Put it in a wine glass, add a little gingerale and voila - a Shirley Temple cocktail!

Marguerite said...

Jane, I'm raptly following your money saving venture. We're learning the hard way about saving money this year (if there's no money you can't spend it) so it's interesting to see how others are managing.

Lannie Good said...

Hi Sis: see your big heart got you in trouble, treating the family for coffee..why not just put on another pot at home? Lots of wine out there, bet you can find some that's cheaper..the cheaper wines make great Sangria, add fruit..I found some change today I'd hidden away and Jim put ten dollars in the jar, so we are on our way! My big test comes this week when I go to Carroll's for our reunion weekend. Once we get to Fenlon Falls and Bobcaygeon I'll have to keep the "dream" in the forefront of my mind..not on all the beautiful clothes on the racks..wish me luck and pinch those pennies this L.Dee

Jane said...

Not only coffee but some timbits as well! We are buying a lot LESS wine than we used to as a way of cutting back - just not ready to give it ALL up:)

Anonymous said...

Is alcohol expensive in the stores? I know ordering at the restaurants here it's much more expensive than drinking a bottle at home though it depends on the kind I guess.
I have plenty of 'wants' I havent' been able to cut more than I have..just wish I'd get a grip!

jpkittie said...

AAAHHH - isn't it crazy how fast money goes?!?!? I hate that!!!! Good luck with the rest of the week!!!!

Anonymous said...

how's the week going so far??