Monday, October 18, 2010

Springwater Conservation Area

First off - yesterday was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood so Michael and I took ourselves off to explore a new (to us) trail near Aylmer, Ontario called Springwater Conservation Area. It's only 40 minutes away yet we'd never been there before - had never heard of it in fact - it was recommended to us by another hiker met upon another trail. We took snacks and water with us and other than gas it was another NO SPEND day. (That $10 I had left after Friday night's movie rental is still in my wallet :) I think one of these weeks we should have a challenge where we each put a $20 bill in our wallet and see how long we can make it last - the winner wins $20 ha ha!!
As you can see by the photos Springwater is a natural treasure - full of maples and beech and very tall, very straight white pines reminiscent of the Group of Seven paintings.
For the first time I have spent all of my allotted money for food as I took advantage of a lot of specials while shopping on Saturday: sirloin tip roasts at $1.97/lb., pork loin at $1.29/lb., shrimp, talapia and haddock all half price and so on. So while I spent a lot we will be rolling in meat for several weeks to come.
This week looks pretty busy - meetings on Wed., parent/teacher interviews on Thursday, and a P.D. day on Friday so won't be much opportunity for spending temptations. Just the way I like it!
It was wonderful getting outside again yesterday. When I am able to put myself into such inspiring surroundings I totally forget about the daily challenges of balancing the books, ironing the big stack of clothes sitting on a chair in my bedroom, vacuuming the cat hair or the disaster area my daughter calls her room.
Blessedly all of that inner noise is drowned out by the soft sighing of the wind in the branches 100ft. above my head, birds chirping, frogs glugging, children laughing and me snapping away with my camera. Life is good.
Although there were a TON of leaves on the ground there were still enough left on the trees to ooh and ah over.

Those pine trees are humongous!!
Can you see tiny little Michael on the other side of the bridge walking on the path?
He walks a lot faster than me:)


  1. I know I,ve said it before, but I love your photographs and your prose, looks like a beautiful place to walk.

    I think the $20 would be a great challenge

  2. Beautiful! Michael can walk fast 'cause he's not taking pictures and absorbing all the great sites! man he cooks but doesn't iron or vacuum? oh well 1 out of 3 ain't so bad huh?! :-)
    I love limited opportunities to spend!

  3. Thanks Maureen and Lisa!
    Susanna - well he does iron his own clothes and vacuum some parts of the house so can't complain:) And he does all the laundry and I'm grateful to not have to do it all myself anymore. (especially the cooking - it was never my strong suit!)

  4. Hi Jane. Thanks for your comment. I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog. Hey, we have the same taste in music! Cheers :)

  5. Welcome Karissa! Glad you could stop by:) Yes - let's get to know each other! And...rock on!

  6. Great photos Jane. I drive by the same park several times per year on my way to Pt. Bruce. Elgin and Norfolk counties are full of natural surprises.

    Yesterday I found a little-used road that ends up in Strathroy. I.e., Amiens Rd., W of Komoka.

    cheuhs, Gord

  7. Thanks Gordie: isn't it amazing that we can still discover new natural treasures and little travelled roadways and still just be a few minutes from home!


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