Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So How's Your Week Going So Far??

Some scenes from the past weekend - I spent two warm sunny days and gorgeous evenings at my trailer in Bayfield.

A friend just asked me "so how's your week going so far?" I thought I should address that question.  If you're like me, sometimes you just push thoughts about yesterday, today, and tomorrow into a file folder in the filing cabinet known as your brain and focus only on a goal off into the future - that being PAY DAY (Friday) for me.  If I can just get through til Friday....yes Friday all will be fine, my bank account will get a shot of life-saving plasma....I can put a little cash in my wallet again...

So now I will take a moment and examine how things are really going, right now. Actually - not too bad.  I needed "no spend" days and I am having them - nothing spent yesterday, nothing spent today. I was going to take out my last $20 of misc. spending to have a beer tonight after volleyball but I've decided to skip the beer and save the $$. Tomorrow is Thursday, I have a meeting after school and then will come straight home, will NOT pass GO.

Then when I wake up it will be FRIDAY!! YAY! And I'll take out that $20 and put it right into my Crofters Lane Jar! That will be much more rewarding than that icy cold Stella after getting all hot and sweaty playing my favourite game....oh, the sacrifices we make:)
So things are going ok, thanks for asking!


its me, sam said...

I should have read your post before I bought a new book mainly out of boredom, and the library being closed... i could have stashed that money in my trip fund!

Jane said...

You can always resell it on Amazon! lol I sure hope it's a good read!

Maureen said...

Now if you lived in Australia you would only have 5 hours to wait until Friday. LOL
What a good feeling to put that $20 into Crofters Lane.
I,ve managed to add the progress bars to my blog but now that they are there they are black and white and not the nice jazzy colour I picked, never mind I gave it my best shot. I will probably need your help again when it,s time to update them.

Jane said...

When it's time to update them Maureen we'll figure it out together lol!

Anonymous said...

YES! $20 more for Crofter's Lane! You did good girl! was it worth it you think? I mean it'd be worth it to me but I don't like beer ;-) but sustitute something I DO like..hmmm not so sure! Man I took class one of this Dave Ramsey thingy last night and it's got me all fired up on saving LOL! hope it lasts longer than the spurts of Weight WAtchers motivation!

Jane said...

Hi Susanna: I hadn't heard of Dave Ramsey so looked into his website - he sounds like the American version of Gail Vaz-Oxlade (TV show Til Debt do us Part) - I have her website in my sidebar. Dave uses envelopes, Gail uses Jars - similar ideas. Yes, it was definitely worth it in order to save the $20! Once you start to save it becomes like an addiction and eventually you begin to HATE parting with $$ - so I have to be careful not to turn into Scrooge! As you can see my gift fund is rather low at the moment and Christmas is coming up fast so need to come up with some creative $$generating ideas! I love to save - there are just so many darn things to save FOR!
Short spurts or long spurts - it doesn't matter as long as you save. Can't say the same about Weight Watcher's unfortunately:( once you stop the weight finds its way back - believe me, I KNOW!!

Anonymous said...

yep the weight finds its way back and brings friends with it! :-(
Dave Ramsey is popular with churches right now though so far it's just regular basic stuff and he's funny doing it - you almost think he's a regular guy til you start mentally tallying up all the sales LOL but the workbook will have a Bible verse here and there. so far it's been motivating(2 days HA!) I like how you have your trackers on here to keep up with your goals!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such an inviting scene, the little shed and the wee chairs! Good for you on a good week so far, and TGIF!

BTW, what's Crofter's Lane? You've piqued my interest!

Jane said...

Thanks Susanna - the goal bars are very motivating!
MCM: What is Crofters Lane? Check my next post!