Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap
All in all not too bad of a week, though I have a confession to make...

When I was summing up my spends the other day I forgot to take into account something I bought on the internet.  I joined a website called which is a "groupon" type site where something is offered for sale at a reduced price and if enough people commit to buy it then a coupon is provided for up to 50% off.

First of all the offer of a free cupcake at the best bakery in town suckered me into signing up to receive emails about the offers in my city. (God I'm easy aren't I??)  Then if that wasn't bad enough there was an offer from my absolute favourite restaurant owned by friends of mine and where my partner actually works a few shifts each week. It seemed meant to be. $50 worth of scrumptious food and drinks for $25.  Yes, I thought - this will save me money! I haven't eaten there for so long because I am saving my money for Crofters Lane. (Of course I now realize that if you have to SPEND money in order to SAVE money then you haven't really SAVED anything)!!

So I am going to bite the bullet right now and make a payment on my credit card instead of waiting for the bill. So knock off another $25 from the misc. spending total. I did take out $20 on Wed. so I could buy a beer after volleyball and with the $12 I had left I bought a glass of wine at the event I went to last night (Ecolivinglondon), put $2.25 in the Crofters Lane jar and have $5 left in my wallet.

I got a few freebies this past week that somewhat helps to compensate for my indulgence. Actually a lot of freebies now that I think about it. Said restaurant gave us a huge and I mean huge bag of frozen carrots, broccoli and cauliflower as well as a big pile of Jamaican patties they had leftover from selling out front of their restaurant downtown on car-free Sunday. Then Michael (my partner) happened to be at a Starbucks on Tuesday night when they were closing and he knew one of the people working there and they gave him all their leftover food - sandwiches, wraps and a couple of oatfudge bars. Yummy! And today I brought home some leftover food from a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch my staff and I made for our students: huge dish of mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and a GIGANTIC pumpkin pie from Costco. There - I feel better now.

So to tally up - I spent $12.63 at the grocery store today (yogurt, juice, more salad, bread) and have $50.74 left til Oct. 15th - that's enough I think. And after deducting $25 for my "dinner out" coupon I have $62 left in misc. spending. The gas account is at $107.00 because Michael put gas in the car and so did my daughter so I didn't need to fill it up til today's $43.00. So far so good (she said crossing her fingers...)

So what do you think - should I cancel my membership to Also - lesson learned on the lure of credit card buying - it seems like you're not really spending anything until you get the bill in the MAIL!!


Maureen said...

Not sure that it,s my place to tell you to cancel your membership to teambuy but if it was me I would have to cancel it, I,m not really good at fighting off temptation. After forgetting that I had an ebay payment to make last week, my stuff arrived and I do mean stuff. I had,nt bought anything I really needed. So I,m taking that as a lesson.

Jane I have 3 Grandchildren, my Daughter has an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old Boy, and my Son has a 20 month old little girl. These children are the lights of my life, they make me laugh they make me cry, but most of all they keep me young.

Jane said...

Yeah, I think I will cancel it - the temptation is too much for me as I love a bargain. But this year I need to forget about the bargains and concentrate on the goals. Little bits frittered away here and there and for what?? Stuff we don't need! EBay is another one of those places where money can get away from you. I know. Well...let's forgive ourselves and begin anew - I will if you will:)

I love what you said about your grandchildren - I can't wait - but guess I'll have to!

Johanna said...

I have been reading your blog for a little while. I live just a bit south of Ottawa and would love to move to PEI. I have met Kim from Top of the Meadow (visited her last summer!!) I would like to say I think it's impressive the way you are doing this. I love Till Debt do us Part.
Now after that long intro what I wanted to say was that I use quiken for tracking. Every few days I balance against my bank account, credit cards, everything. This way I see the over all picture. I love quiken for being able to see everything at a glance now I just need to set up a budget and stick to it.
Thank you so much for sharing with us lurkers.

Jane said...

Well where would we bloggers be without you lurkers? lol
I have visited your little place and just want to say that I understand.
I extend to you an open invitation to visit me at Crofters Lane in PEI next summer, the summer after, the summer after that etc and eventually when I am there permanently (4 years and counting) you are most welcome anytime of the year.

What is it about PEI? It has ahold of me, that is for sure. And my oldest sister too who is also purchasing land and a house there. It has such beauty, such caring people. I love it - my heart is there.
Lurk as much as you like:)and as often as you like- make yourself at home <3
Hugging you back...

jpkittie said...

Wow !!!! those are great freebies!!!!!

sounds like you didn't do too bad at all!!! keep it up :)

Lisa said...

You are so right about using credit cards! It is so easy just to spend, spend, spend. Credit card and Debit card are a big part of my debt problems. Am using cash now, and getting a grip on my spending.

Jane said...

Yes, Lisa, cash is the only way to go and when it's gone it's gone. We have to put a limit on ourselves and lenders and credit card companies are only too happy to let us overextend ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get back on track myself..I signed up for Groupon the end of last year when I heard about a groupon for a cooking class. I enjoyed the class and thought it was worth the money but I doubt I'll do another - was supposed to be 'healthy' yet we went through tons of olive oil - so greasy - but I've been able to resist other groupon offers mainly because they don't appeal to me. I want to save money but also enjoy it some as well and get out of the house. But you're right about the cards and little things adding up.

Jane said...

So good to hear from you Susanna! Are you writing yet? I know what you mean about saving money but also getting some enjoyment out of it now as well. It's a balancing act for sure. Right now I'm just setting a savings and "no spend" goal for one year. Next summer I have some projects to do in PEI at our new house so need to rebuild savings in order to accomplish those goals. Then I will have to re-evaluate again. I still manage to do a few fun things - like go out to a movie once in a while, dinner out once in a while, get together with friends for a potluck meal and so on. I'm not totally deprived:) Though the "no new clothes" for one year will be a toughie!

Anonymous said...

I haven't started back with my blog - may start a new one..I just need to have something to write about so it looks like I have a life you know?! :-) it sounds like you've found a good balance for you. I wish I could look for a retirement place but I have no idea where I'll be in 10 years let alone where I wanna be in 20 or 30 or whatever..knowing my luck I'll be working til I die the way social security and retirement funds are doing right now.
no new clothes for a year would be a toughie for me and I'm nowhere near a clothes-horse! but I like to buy a shirt or jeans here and there! good luck and the house/land is so beautiful in the pictures - makes me wish I lived up there myself (me who's hardly ever seen snow my whole life!)