Saturday, October 16, 2010

Westminster Ponds - Saturday's Hike

 Cost of today's walk through Westminster Ponds = $0.00
Value of today's walk through Westminster Ponds = Priceless!!
 Having a pretty "low spend" weekend so far: last night we rented "Splice" (a very disturbing and creepy movie - my favourite kind:) and we had a $2.00 off coupon. NO WINE!! (See? I'm trying:)
 This morning I thought I was going to get away with a "no spend" day as my partner bought me a coffee and a cookie while we hung out at the market but I decided to buy a National Post to read.  I cancelled my daily newspaper in August buy like to get the Saturday paper. Then, because I forgot to get my parking ticket validated at the market I ended up paying $4.50 for parking which really annoyed me.
 But I'm over it now. I had a great grocery shopping day - we have so much food it should last well into November instead of just til the end of the month. I prepared by going through the flyers and finding the best bargains at three different grocery stores.  While Michael worked at his friend's restaurant I did a major shop and bought up all the meat bargains, fresh fruit and veggies, bread, bagels the works! And still have about $30 left in the food budget. The great thing about my grocery shopping today is it was all spent on FOOD - no inedibles like kleenex and dish detergent this time around.
 Took out just $20 for this weekend's misc. spending - so far just spent $ on the movie rental and the newspaper. Have $111 left in misc. spending until the end of the month - should be ok.
 It was a glorious day today in London, Ontario. Sunny and high of about 15c - perfect for hiking.
 For dinner I had bought a roast chicken at Costco (only 6.99) and Michael made one of his famous "medleys" of vegetables and leftovers, fresh bread, fresh tomatoes - have I told you he does ALL of the cooking? It means everything I eat has either curry powder or cayenne pepper in it (or both) which tends to increase the number of hot flashes I have in a day but the enjoyment of being cooked for seriously outweighs a few sweaty moments:)
 Tonight we are staying in again and Michael is treating me: he rented "The Killer Inside" with Casey Affleck (the more talented of the Affleck brothers IMHO), Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. We've seen the trailers and it looks so good.  Then after he dropped my daughter and her friend off downtown he stopped at DQ and bought us both a Pecan Mudslide Blizzard!!! The muffin top just got a wee bit bigger but what the heck - it's the weekend! And yoga pants are stretchy!
 Tomorrow we are hiking again so I'm going to work off a few of those blizzard calories. Not sure where we'll end up tomorrow - there are so many great places for hiking around London.
 I bought Starbucks coffee beans at Costco (2 pounds for $10) so we'll make our own coffee instead of wasting $10 on lattes or fraps or whatever else they tempt us with. I've only read two sections of the Post so I'll finish that off in the morning with my own Starbucks brew. So hopefully I can keep that other $10 in my wallet.
 Michael flashing his million dollar smile.
 There are still a few flowers to be found:)
I love being outside!
If you stayed with my nature shots to the end you get to see the bonus shot of my daughter (on the right) and her friend before they headed downtown to celebrate her friend's birthday. Aren't they cute?


Anonymous said...

wow I'd like to retire where you live now! Never mind moving! It is SO ugly where I live..flat flat flat! They have it so lucky in Missouri with the beautiful fall leaves(went their on vacation about 7 yrs ago).
your daughter is beautiful - don't think I could pull off that dress thoug and definitely not the friend's dress LOL! haven't had a figure like that since 8th grade(minus the chest!)way to go with no wine! (though I think I'd have gotten the wine and skipped the scary movie!) I dont know if I've ever had curry but if someone cooked it for me I could manage!

Maureen said...

Yes the photos of the girls are really cute, Oh to be that age again and in my mini skirt.

I love the Autumn colours in your photos, you have a gift for catching all the special moments. Our palette here in Oz is very different as we are in spring so everything is alive and green.

You are doing so well with your budget, keep it up and you will be in crofters Lane before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Love the Canada Goose! We're trying to lure them to our pond but the neighbor's pond is unfortunately far superior, lol.

Ah, I love the Saturday Post as well - you just got me thinking that I should resubscribe (now that we're finally OFF our uber-frugal way of life, yay! Now we're just frugal, lol).

Pretty girls! Looks like they're going to have fun!

Sharon said...

This was such a great post, pictures are fabulous..but do you really like scary movies? I would definitely need the wine....

Michael is adorable, and your daughter is stunning!

I LOVE when nature takes the place of spending, because really it brings such fulfillment to be out in it. And your pictures prove it!

Sharon said...

P.S. Have I told you yet how I LOVE the title of your blog??? Too often I'm living for the future instead of the present. The title alone brings me back to the present. Thank you!!!!

The Witch said...

Beautiful Fall pictures. London is a very pretty spot, we use to visit it quite often.
I laughed when you said you have increased hot flashes which may be due too Michael spicy cooking.
A friend sent me a sign saying "I don't have hot flashes"
I have short, private vacations in the tropics.LOL!!!
You are doing great with your spending also. Just love reading those flyers also for the bargains.

Jane said...

Hi Susanna: London is known as the "Forest City" and has many nice wooded areas to hike through; however, due to urban development it has gone from 80% tree cover to 30% tree cover so "Forest City" is a bit of a misnomer nowadays. Luckily some areas are protected like where we were yesterday.
Yes I love scary movies, not gory ones but ones with a good story, a psychological thriller. I think it's because I spent a lot of time with my grandma as a kid and she was into Perry Mason on tv and Agatha Christie novels:)
I NEVER had a figure like those girls lol! Lots on the bottom and not much on top - sort of like a pear!

Jane said...

Thanks Maureen: I wish it were SPRING here instead of Autumn! Days like yesterday have been far and few between. Usually the weekends have been cool and rainy.My favourite times of year are spring and summer so autumn depresses me because I know winter is just around the corner.
Re - catching the special moments - cropping and messing with the colours helps create those photos:)

Jane said...

Kim - I'll have to bring some geese with me when I move to PEI permanently - here you can hardly move for geese, there are literally millions of them.
Re the Post - I'm a little concerned about the Post when I move as I checked delivery in my area and there isn't any so am thinking I will have to subscribe to the online version. Yes there's nothing I like better than sitting with the Post and a great cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Cheers!

Jane said...

Hi Sharon: I love GOOD scary movies, definitely not slasher-type movies. Splice was disturbing, not so much scary. I read a lot of crime & mystery novels too - P.D. James and Ian Ranking being my favourites.
Being out in nature: yes, fulfillment is exactly the right word for it. It fills you up like no day of shopping ever can! It gives you such a sense of "all is right with the world"!
Re title of my blog - when I first started the blog it was simply called "Life Begins at Retirement", then I met Michael and everything changed - for the better I might add:)

Jane said...

Hi Witch: I love it "short, private vacations in the tropics"! I am definitely going to use that expression! Perhaps if I can convince myself that I'm in the tropics several times a day I'll start to look forward to those hot flashes lol!
Yes, flyers are great - we have a lot of grocery stores close by so it really isn't much trouble to visit 2 or 3 in one day - you just need to organized with a list of the things you want in each store - it's such a great feeling afterwards that we got all these deals!

Johanna said...

Love the fall pictures. Here in eastern Ontario we are having the same wonderful weather. I'm taking the kids bowling then out to enjoy the fall colours.
Your daughter is very pretty just like her mother.

Jane said...

Thanks Johanna - we are heading out now for another hike to a place we haven't been before called Springwater Conservation Area - near St. Thomas, Ontario. Someone we met on another hike told us it was the best trail around- we'll see if it measures up! Enjoy your day!
Hugging you back!

psychsarah said...

I'm new to your blog and was happy to find out that you're a fellow Londoner. Have you ever hiked by Medway Creek? My friends and I do this walk early in the morning all summer long. It's lovely. You can get in at the eastern most end of Gainsborough and it goes and back into the campus of Brecsia and Huron Colleges.

Loved the pics! I totally want to check out that location now. Your daughter's dress is adorable and suits her to a "T"!

Jane said...

Hi psychsarah:) & welcome! No I haven't done that trail but will definitely check it out - always looking for new places to walk. Today we went to Springwater Conservation Area for the first time and it was lovely - needed more time! It's out by Aylmer - nice trails through maples and HUGE white pines.