Thursday, October 28, 2010

Muffin Tops

The upside to this otherwise traumatic week has been all the time my DD and I have been spending together. It's been like old times. All through elementary and secondary we were on the same schedule - I would pick her up at her bus stop everyday and we would spend the rest of the day together - doing our school work, eating dinner, watching TV. But since she turned 18 two years ago and started university our schedules no longer matched up. Plus her girlfriends and longterm boyfriend have had first dibs on her free time.

So I must admit to enjoying the last few days we've had to reconnect over many pots of tea and good chats. I've loved tucking the blankets closely around her, smooching those big round cheeks, making her favourite foods, sharing laughs over exerpts from the Harry Potter books she is rereading for the umpteenth time and just simply being together in the same room for more than just a few minutes.

I'm also enjoying sharing that big box of Arrowroot cookies with our tea and the many goodies her boyfriend has brought over for her to munch on. What all of these treats are doing to my waistline I'd rather not say, I'll just direct you to the photo above and cringe.  Now she wants to go to Dairy Queen!

So I've decided I have to set a date to start on my weight loss goal and I plan to begin on Monday, Nov. 1st. A fresh month, a fresh start and Halloween will be over:)

Who's with me??


  1. That photo looked good enough to eat. I would,nt worry about the waistline at the moment , just enjoy some quality time together.

  2. A friend introduced me to a new kind of muffin top this week, available at Loblaws: Vitatops.

    They're about 100 calories for each muffin top, lots of fibre. Hey, what I'm saying is they're pretty guilt free! I don't think they're the cheapest thing in town at about $4.99 for a box of four, but they sound delicious, and I'll be picking myself up some as soon as the November grocery budget materializes!

    Happy weekend!

  3. your title totally made me giggle! (I feel as though I am going to have my own 'muffin top' if I don't get control of my eating now!!! haha)

  4. um sorry hon..holidays are coming up esp Christmas time! maybe in January I'll join you. Ok ok..I'd join you Nov 1 but I never seem to stick with it..even your fat days are super skinny while my skinny days are still fat I mean fluffy!

    that muffin sure looks good..and Dairy Queen sure sounds good...


  5. Ahh, just caught up with your blog (this late-life schooling is killing me, lol).
    Thank God your daughter is okay! What a fright for both of you. I hope the insurance gets sorted out in the end - I don't envy her that part of it. At least she's got you to take care of her!
    Re: the weight loss. A trip to Valu-Village might be on hand - just to buy one comfy pair of pants! I love VV - I get all my clothes there.
    Good luck with your diet! My sis just started Weight Watchers and is doing very well. You can do it!

  6. I know Maureen, I think part of it is wanting to be in control of something, and with me squeezing into my pants it's becoming obvious (to me) that I can't keep on gaining or I'll need bigger pants and there goes my challenge of not buying any new clothes for a year. Oh well, que sera sera.

  7. Mcmom - I LOVE the sound of those Vitatops - I am going to look for those. The perfect treat for such a low calorie count. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, $4.99 isn't cheap, but neither is the $2.25 I just paid for 1 muffin at Starbucks!

  8. jpkittie: if I wear pants the right size I have no muffin top but I refuse to go up a size so that only leaves me one alternative - manage my weight so I can fit into the pants I already have. Here goes!

  9. Oh Susanna - one of these days I'm gonna rope you into one of my challenges, I just know it. You're going to start to cave and you just won't be able to help yourself lol!
    PS - Dairy Queen was delicious, had my favourite blizzard with extra pecans.....mmmmmmm:)

  10. Hi Kim: yes I know all about late life schooling, sometimes I feel like I've been in school all of my life:) I love VV too, we have two here in London and I was VERY glad to see there's one in Charlottetown and I did a bit of shopping there in August when we were "home" buying our new house. Not to worry, I have some stretchy-waisted yoga pants and track pants - I just can't wear those to teach! (Unless I could switch to physed...hmmmmmmm)

  11. Okay, November 1st it is. I'm with you!


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