Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chile Miners Rescue


I am glued to the TV watching the test run of the rescue capsule on BBC World News. This is all I can focus on tonight. I hope and pray that all goes well with the rescue mission and that all 33 trapped miners reach the surface safely.


  1. What an ordeal for everyone... I pray too they all come out safely!

  2. Hi Jane,

    I saw the first miner reach the surface; his son cried and brought tears to my own eyes. I miss Ollie for the weekend, geez, I'd be a mess after 69 days.



  3. I came home from work today and my MIL was having a little cry while watching the miners getting brought to the surface.
    What a sense of relief for their loved ones.

  4. Jane I have been into Dollar Times and I can,t find the progress bars, but not being very computer savvy maybe I would,nt be able to add and use them anyway.

  5. Hi Sis: Have the tv on all morning, watching it off and on with tears in my eyes..what a joy for the families who have waited and prayed for so long..Just pray each and every one makes it up to the top..by the way we got rid of the movie channel last night..hope I don't whine to much..love L.Dee

  6. So glad all is going well. Watched the whole time I ironed last night and caught the amazing first rescue. The 7 yr. son got me in the heart.

  7. This brought tears to my eyes too..we had the tv out at work last night trying to catch glimpses of the rescue but unfortunately we were pretty busy out in the main part of the building so missed some of it. I read a news articl online this morning that was kinda funny in a way when it said some had their wife AND lover show up and just had to deal with it basically! hoo boy!hope they all get out ok and recover. I'm not sure that's something I could get through and I consider myself pretty much a loner at times but that's too much for me.


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