Friday, April 3, 2009

The Weekly Dump: The Piano is Gone!

I feel like I've lost about 400 pounds! 400 pounds of iron and wood.

The last time I moved the monstrosity I call a piano to look for our missing hamster my back hurt for about 2 weeks. Never again I groaned to myself. I've got to get rid of this thing before I do myself a permanent injury.

Originally a relic of the school system our old Heintzman was very sturdily built and although on casters it was near impossible to move around on my carpeted floors. My daughter hadn't played it since her lessons gratefully ended 5 years ago and I only used it as a shelf for my Christmas village once a year. It was time to unload it...but how?

I hoped that if I offered it for free on Kijiji someone might be persuaded to come and move it but I wasn't prepared for the multiple replies. And I had even owned up to its one wonky key!

So on Wednesday I sadly waved goodbye to Heinie, feeling like it was the end of an era. Then I spent the next 2 hours reconfiguring the living room furniture, happy for the extra space.

What WILL I get rid of next? Perhaps the Christmas village!

PS - the hamster turned up in the pots and pans drawer under the stove. Alive and well.

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