Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time to Rethink Goals

I've been a little too busy lately so am lagging behind in my daily posts. Nothing wrong with that, we all need to take a breather now and then. Last Wed. I went to the Neil Young concert, then on Thurs. night I fell asleep rather early -just can't do the late nights anymore :(... Then I got myself organized so that I could head to Bayfield right after work on Friday. What a brilliant day - over 20 celcius. That was my best decision over the past week or two.

I've been fretting over my balance sheet, finding that my debt reduction/growing savings plan may be a bit too ambitious and impractical. If I just stayed home and did nothing for the next 5 years I could meet my goals, but I can't really wait 5 years for my life to begin. That would imply I'm not "living" in the meantime and, well, I am! But I also want to have a comfortable retirement living that allows me to relocate, travel and not feel pinched by financial insecurities.

So it was helpful to have 24 hours away from home to reflect. The above photos show the beginning and the end of the sun setting over Lake Huron - I was joined on the hilltop overlooking the lake by an older couple and their 2 grandkids and together we basked in the colourfully glowing sky. I listened to granddad explaining the movement of the earth and the sun to his grandkids, and that once the sun had sunk below the horizon people further west would be enjoying the sunset, and other people all the way around the world would watch the setting sun until we saw it come up tomorrow morning in the east. It was a very calm and peaceful moment and I felt myself connected to these 4 new acquaintances in an almost spiritual way. It helped me realize that my focus shouldn't be so much on money, but on more important, family, friendship, my love of nature, health and joyful pursuits.

So I am going to try to refocus my energies and try to be a little bit less obsessed with dollars and cents. After all, the best things in life are free!

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Suzy said...

I worry sometimes too about becoming too obsessed with being frugal but I just realized that buying stuff all the time wasnt' filling whatever void needed filling so I'm trying not to buy so much without thinking but to instead think about why I want to buy it and then if I do buy, to enjoy. I can't see cutting out all fun stuff like eating out but I don't need/want to do it 5 times a week! I don't recall the last time I sat and watched a sunrise or sunset (sunset is my favorite since I'm not a morning person!)and just relaxed though I've been trying to lately.