Friday, April 10, 2009

The Weekly Dump: The Irony of it All!

There's lotsa stuff hitting the curb today! As my mother would have said "what a grand day"! First off it's Good Friday and a day off work never hurt anybody. It was also 13c outside and compared to the snow earlier in the week positively balmy. So I headed out back to clean up the patio and carted two bags of leaves, twigs and other sundry debris to the dumpster. Then I proceeded to have my first beer of the season on my cleaned up patio. What a treat! (Never mind that it was last summer's leftover beer - it was cold and wet!)

Also heading out the door this week are two more bags of books and a bag of my daughter's clothing. She's done her first year of university except for exams and spent yesterday cleaning out her room. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you are procrastinating - she would otherwise have been studying.

The irony factor is this: whilst I keep reducing the amount of stuff in my home by recycling and throwing out what can't be recycled my brother over at It Strikes Me Funny regularly goes dump diving with his buddy Don and brings things HOME from the dump! He claims that he inherited this dump diving gene from our father who never could pass by any usable item he found along the side of the road. Slight difference however: our father made a small fortune from the beer bottles he picked up along the sides of back roads around Norwich OR tried to pawn the stuff off on his unsuspecting children with the oft heard phrase: "$75.00 bucks takes it home!"

My brother is trying to make his fortune (or at least money enough for a tank of gas for his motorcycle) by turning scrap lumber into birdhouses and has some other projects in the works once he gets the new lathe he's ordered. Good luck big bro!

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