Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Budget: Balanced or Blown?

Somewhere I have gone horribly wrong!

As far as the weekly budget I am OK: $125 on groceries and $30 on gas, well below the $300 weekly I allot myself for food, gas and misc. expenses.

But yesterday when I was going through my budget for April I found that I am short, really short on funds for the rest of April! Where did I go wrong? I'm not quite sure but will be crunching the numbers very soon. I thought I had around $500 until my next pay on April 15th but I have only $1.00 left.....$1.00!!!!!

One mistake I've found already - there are 5 weeks this month for some of my weekly payments, not the usual 4. So that accounts for about half of my shortage.

Another factor is that I had to fork over some cash for school-related expenses that I will be reimbursed for - so my goal for next week is to deliver my receipts to the appropriate reimbursers so that I can improve my cash flow for the rest of April - still more than 2 weeks left to this month. Yikes.

At least now I feel a little better knowing where I've gone astray, most of it anyway. It's going to be very tight for the rest of the month - no more bras, no more spring tops - I'll just stay the heck away from stores altogether.

This may be the month that I have to use the $80 worth of free groceries I have coming to me from the Real Canadian Superstore and maybe the $20 gift certificate for A&P that I got in exchange for some of my airmiles.

The last resort will be to take some $$ out of my savings account but I REALLY hate doing that - I'm such a miser!

This should be fun! Stay tuned...


  1. There must be a $500 virus going around because when I was writing down all my expenses I came up $500short too! I decided to keep track of everything and note where I'm spending the money. I thought I was doing pretty good (and I am) but not good enough if I can't figure out where I managed to spend what I did!

  2. I'm usually pretty good at it too, I've never lost $500 before and I didn't even have a fever!
    I came up with a pretty new budget form i made myself, printed it off and lost $500 the first month using it! I think I'll go back to my old way of writing each item down as it appears on my online account.


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