Friday, April 3, 2009

Money Saving Tip of the Week - Keep Busy!

Any money-saving tips that I offer on this blog are strictly ones that I use myself, discovered mostly by trial and error (emphasis on "error"). I'm not some money guru or environmental purist who grinds her own wheat that she grows in a window ledge flower pot. I'm not going to tell you to clip coupons or make trips to several grocery stores to take advantage of weekly specials when I don't do it myself. No, when I make suggestions they come with a guarantee (I'd say money-back guarantee but that wouldn't be very frugal of me!) to save you a few shekels.

Take this week's tip for example. This tip is a day late, I usually post them on Thursdays, but that in itself is part of the tip!

This week has been an especially busy one, busier than the usual busy life I lead as a special education teacher and single mother of an 18 year old university student. With report card time looming over me like a black cloud I spent the week crazily preparing for a media event taking place in my classroom today. Every spare moment I had went into planning for the event, cleaning the classroom, decorating and so on.

The media event was a great success and I felt even happier when I realized that I was so busy this week that the only money I spent was on a few groceries, gas for the car and a fast-food meal yesterday as I raced around town.

So if you want to cut back on spending keep yourself as busy as a one-armed wallpaper hanger. Not only will you not have time to shop you won't even miss it and when you look at your bank account you will get a pleasant surprise!

Now for those report cards....

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MaksiTaksi said...

I love your blog. Found you on but still waiting because it says: pending for approval for the frugal group. ;((

Became your follower. I have my own vegetable garden 200 square metres and this is my second year zo I going to write that on my blog too.

Maybe you'll vist back or refollow?

Take care!