Friday, April 10, 2009

A Lot of Firsts this Month (and today)!

The first columbines of spring.

The first chives - I'm going to try some tonight

with some new baby potatoes. I'm salivating!

The first sedum (Showy Stonecrop) of the season.

All this fresh green new growth in addition to my first outdoor beer on my newly cleaned up patio. My cup overfloweth!

Speaking of green....I have some financial firsts happening this month. For the first time since its inception my line of credit has fallen below $30 large. What a difference to see $29534 instead of $30000. And my savings will break through the $50000 mark this month for the first time in my life - verrrrrrry motivating I must say. And.... my retirement countdown will dip below 1900 days in a week - yippee!

Ohhhhmmmmm - I will not spend, I will not spend, I will not spend.....

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