Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring has come to Bayfield, Ontario sorta

I went to the trailer yesterday with the goal of raking up the lawn and flower beds. But first I took a drive through the village of Bayfield to see if the coffee shop had reopened and it had! Yay - the first sign that spring has come to Bayfield!

Oooooohhh, but there was another sign...all of the merchants were having sidewalk sales! I imagined myself strolling down the sunny, historical Main St. browsing here, buying there... heaven!

But I got a grip on myself and said sternly "plenty of time for that...stick to your isn't on it!"

"But, but, but..(I argue with myself frequently) everything is likely on sale, they're trying to unload last year's unsold stuff, it'll be cheap...."

"And do you need more stuff?" I sternly asked myself?

Fortunately (not knowing yet that I only had $1.00 in my chequing account until my next payday) I listened to my sterner self and continued on to my trailer. I already had a coffee with me that I had purchased with my Tim Horton's gift card (luckily) and I had brought a bag lunch with me. (Foresight or what!)

Once I had revived myself by having my lunch in a spot of sunlight on my front porch, I got down to the business at hand: first I picked up the sticks that had fallen off my silver maple tree - good for kindling for all those summer campfires, then took the pruning shears to my numerable bushes and grasses, then raked up 4 garbage bags full of "lawn & garden waste" noticing all the sweet little buds emerging around my property.

In the shade across from my trailer there were still a few patches of snow but that didn't stop me from getting my bike out (tires still full of air - bonus!) and taking a rather chilly spin around the trailer park.

So much more fun than pedalling the recumbant bike in my bedroom all winter.

So spring has come to Bayfield, the trailer is ready, what more could I ask for? Summer holidays perhaps?


Suzy said...

Hello again! I thought I'd try commenting with my blogger ID. I did make a lot of posts yesterday and I think my blog title fits because I do tend to ramble. I think I fixed it where it can't be searched in a search engine but you should be able to link to it. It's mostly my rambling on about whatever though I'm trying to do the frugal stuff I'm doing! and I am SO going to make a version of those burritos you posted! A coworker brought one the other night that was beans and egg and it was SO good! Now if I can just figure out how to add pictures and post those things at the side! Oh, I'm also using Suzy for my blogname but it's still Susanna!

Hazel Nut said...

Found your blog and love it! Good for you - hopefully you will find it helps keep you on track with your goals.

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