Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Bean Meatless Chili is Sooooo Good!

Mmmmm, I just finished a yummy bowl of that Three Bean Chili I linked to yesterday at the Meatless Monday website. I guess that makes this Meatless Tuesday not Meatless Monday but who cares? Not me.

Man I'm a good cook. Either that or this is just an extra-good recipe. But I think it's me.

Course, I didn't know what "northern beans" were, and didn't see any at the grocery store so I substituted black beans. And I didn't see any "small red beans" either so I used brown beans. (Actually, truth be told I didn't have the recipe with me when I was grocery shopping after school today so I sorta winged it.)

I didn't have any tomato sauce either so used a half jar of leftover roasted red pepper spaghetti sauce along with the can of diced tomatoes. And I doubled the amount of chili powder (could still use a smidgen more I think). Then of course I had to add some frozen corn as my daughter likes corn in her chili and really, who doesn't?

So I guess I didn't really follow the recipe at all except that there are three kinds of beans in my chili.....oh and I did grate some cheddar on top of my bowl before shovelling it into my pie hole.

Oh well, maybe next time.


Suzy said...

LOL You're as bad as I am with all the subbing but hey whatever works! No way I'm driving to the store for spaghetti sauce when I have seasoned diced tomatoes and tomato paste and water..I was actually surprised that spaghetti turned out so well but it was among the best I've had! :-) that chili recipe sounds delish. I *think* great northern beans are also called 'navy beans' though why they're called navy when they're white is beyond me! I went nuts trying to find them for a white bean soup with spinach recipe that started from scratch with dried beans ...good thing the soup was worth it! though next time I think I'll try to cheat with canned beans..hmm..I have pretty much what I need to make that in the pantry and freezer though I just browned lean hamburger meat and have enough chicken breasts..I made chicken enchiladas tonight and had extra cooked chicken...

Anonymous said...

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