Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekly Budget: Balanced or Blown on Bras?

Photo: La Senza
And I was doing so well! By Friday night I had spent only $77.57 on groceries and $16.73 on gas, way way below my $300 weekly limit. Why? Because I claimed I had been so busy I had no time to shop. True as far as it goes.

I had been complaining for some time to my daughter about the state of my bras - I was so desperate that I had latched on to one of her discards. Not that I don't have bras - I have plenty of bras but they either don't fit well or the elasticity is beyond its prime or they are the wrong style.

You see, I was blessed with my mother's somewhat sloping and narrow shoulders. With the normal style of bra the straps slide down my shoulders like melting butter on corn on the cob. To prevent that I either make the straps so tight they gouge into my shoulder fat or I wear the style of bra that has a T-strap at the back.

So yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and go to La Senza at Masonville Mall. (My daughter made me promise that I wouldn't buy any more bras at WalMart or Zellers). The last time I had been there they didn't have any T-strap bras so my mood was pessimistic. However, to my surprise I hit the jackpot and found several bras that suited my needs. The fitting room experience is not usually one I am fond of but yesterday it was ok, not quite fun, but ok. I wouldn't say my cleavage is beyond belief but it is at least tucked up into better fitting cups. I ended up buying 6 bras for a total of $173.39 which makes me kinda queasy but I shouldn't have to bra shop again for at least a year.

I wish I could say that was the end of it but Suzy Shier was just across the way as I left La Senza so I thought I'd just pop in and see what their spring line looked like this year, and ya know, it looked pretty good so I ended up spending another $51.87 on 3 tops for work. (Would have been more but I have a 10% discount card and a $5 coupon)

Within 24 hours I'd gone from being vastly under budget to being over budget by $19.47.
173.30 + 51.87 + 77.57 + 16.73 = 319.47

This week I'll try to make up the $20 overage by not going over $280 in total. I think I can do it if I stay REALLY busy!

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  1. Ha-ha! I loved this post. I can completely relate.


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