Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm Here

The last few days have been hellish. Thank goodness for family and friends - my 4 siblings, my daughter Kazi, you, my blog friends, my friends here in London and my friends from the east coast. All of you have helped me out over the past few days.

Moving on is not an easy thing to do but it is the only thing I can do. If you were disturbed, as one reader was, by my not telling both sides of the story, I'm sorry. That post came from a very raw and hurting place - and I can only speak for myself. I don't know the other side of the story or what my part in it was - I was gobsmacked, so to speak, by what occurred.  Previous to that terrible disclosure I was told "it's not you, it's me, you've done nothing wrong."

I was asked to remove the post. So I did. And I apologize if my bitterness put you off. That wasn't my intent. For me my blog is my on-line journal and I feel close enough to you all to share my joys and my despair. It's therapeutic to write about what happens - to "spout off"! Because I know you'll be there for me as I will be for you.

So, moving on...

Once again I found a message on Cora the Colbalt today:

I know, this is getting weirder and weirder! I've decided to just enjoy them - I can pretend I have a secret admirer (even though that is quite a stretch right now).  Or I can apply it to my life somehow - like I need to keep LOVE in my heart - for myself and for others.

It's hard for me to make contact with others when I feel so low - I tend to stay home and feel sorry for myself. So I'll try to keep my heart open and think about what others need, as well as myself.

My accomplishments for this weekend include cooking up some stuffed peppers, making veggie fried rice, quinoa etc. As well yesterday I scraped the caulking from around the bathtub. I tried to reapply new caulking only to find that the caulking I had on hand expired back in '08! So this morning I was off to Home Depot (after scraping a thick layer of snow topped off with ice from the freezing rain yesterday) and bought some new caulking. I haven't taken a picture yet but I will.

However, my main goal this weekend is preparing for Semester 2! Woohoo! Five months left of school :) I don't know yet what I'll do when I retire but I have lots of options. Finishing the condo and selling it is a priority as I can't maintain two houses. I could afford my PEI home and a trailer here somewhere - I did so enjoy the trailer I had in Bayfield. We'll see how it all goes.

And now back to the school books!


  1. livingrichonthecheapFebruary 2, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    It is your blog, please feel free to write what you want, as for telling the other side, shame on them. It is your blog? Tell a cheaters side??? Whatever, anyhow, drink lots of tea, take a warm bath, take care of yourself. It is probably even harder with Kazi away right now.

  2. OK I am completely in line with everything that livingrichonthecheap said. How dare someone come to your "home" and tell you what to feel or think. And then tell you to edit it.

    Ok I missed the part about him cheating. Do what you need to do to heal. You are better off and I have the odd feeling that the person that posted that about his side was from the other camp. Boy, this is going to burn me up all day.

  3. So want that me and my cousin Sonya come up there and break some legs?
    Just say the word girlfriend, just say the word.....
    Sluggy-who doesn't give a rat's ass what anybody else thinks about her & her friend's business

  4. I was reading this and working myself up into a rage and wondering how you were being so calm!! I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one. And might I suggest you take Sluggy up on her offer??

  5. Laura / No More SpendingFebruary 2, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    Post your story Jane, it's your blog. I'm sorry you're going through all this and wish you nothing but the best.
    I hate caulking lol (we call it grouting!). How's everything going with the house updates? Do you still have a huge list of jobs?

  6. This is your blog and your life. Not a newspaper or news article - the only side here is *your* side (which we are all on - even us lurkers)! And there is no other side when there is cheating. The person chose that path - no matter what you did or didn't do - you didn't "make" them cheat. They decided they would rather ignore whatever issue they had and cheat instead of dealing with you and then moving on. (Sorry - people who blame others for their cheating are just the lowest - at least own your actions).

    Please take care of yourself. And congrats for starting the last semester! Woo hoo!!

  7. Do what ever makes you feel better assured you have a whole bunch of 'sisters' here in Blogland right behind you.
    Jane x

  8. Oh Jane...I am sorry that you feel like you can't use this blog to speak honestly about what is happening in your life right now. This is your blog, afterall! I really hope that life does get easier for you xxx

  9. Write what you want it is your blog!
    Loving the sneaky hearts on the car tee hee.

  10. I am in total agreement that this is YOUR blog and YOUR place to share as you need! I personally don't care about "the other side". Nothing a person does makes cheating ok. It's simple to me! However, I am in awe of your class and being willing and generous enough to just remove the post! You are a lady and it is obvious from the comments here that you are very much admired!

  11. I totally agree with Barb, YOUR blog, YOUR posts. If people are offended, they can feel free NOT to read. ;) I love that 'heart' on your car!! It's good karma!!

  12. Like everyone else has said...YOUR blog, so write what YOU want to write about! So what people don't want to hear about your breakup and his cheating. That is part of what YOU are dealing with and YOU have every right to write about what YOU are dealing with. I have been where you are and it hurts and if I would have had a blog back then, I would have written about it as well. Sorry you felt the need to take your post down. Just remember you have lots of people who have your back.

  13. the witch witchisland blogspotFebruary 3, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    This is your blog post, with your feeling, idea's ,dreams and what ever else you want it to be.
    Don't let others dictate what you should or shouldn't write. If they don't like what you have written then they can leave the page and don't return. It's that simple.
    We are here for YOU!!!
    Maybe your friends who purchased the trailer would sell it back to you?
    Take care

  14. I felt like I missed something but after reading some comments, hugs to you, my dear!! And I agree with everybody else - write what you feel like it, and we will be here to listen! I got a few hurtful and personal comments before about many things in my life, and I'm still working on developing a thick skin...
    But we all here love you for who you are!

  15. I didn't see anything wrong with your post. I use my blog as a journal though mine isn't heavily traveled like yours LOL! I guess I can understand someone not wanting his!her pic poste on Facebook or blog but still I think you can say what you want and personally I don't care what pic you post LOL he shouldn't thave posed ;-). I'm on your side so don't care wht the other side of the story is


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