Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Drops

Bear with me as I bemoan the fact that spring is never coming this year. Last year my lovely wee snowdrops were blooming by the end of February. Granted a week later they were once again buried under snow but STILL!! I knew they were there! This year they're still fast asleep, not even thinking about poking out their tiny buds to see if it's TIME. They know. And they're waiting.

I had another ordeal to get through last night. Remember I had to get a repairman for my hot water heater? Yeah...him...well, he tried I guess, he cleaned a sensor and reset the unit and for about 10 days things were ok but then again last Friday my shower was a tad on Saturday yet another repairman came. He proceeded to talk my ear off, regaling me with stories of this heater and that furnace blah blah blah...Did he take out a tool? No. Did he get down on his knees and look closely at the heater's innards? No. Did he tell me about 100 or more scenarios that could be causing the problem? Yes. Did he fix anything? No. He unplugged the heater, then replugged.


Ok, fast forward to Tuesday morning. I could just tell by how quickly the shower water was cooling down that "Houston, we have a problem." I looked at the heater and sure enough there was another error code BLINKING BLINKING BLINKING... Of course I had to head to school so put in for another service call. Yes, they can send someone out between 4pm and 8pm.

By about 6:30pm another repairman came to my door. I asked "should those lights be BLINKING BLINKING BLINKING???" "Nope", he replied. I left him to it and about 30 minutes later he emerged from the basement apologizing...I knew there were problems from the amount of time he was spending on his phone calling his boss! The heater needed a new thingamajiggy! Problem was he didn't have one but his boss was on his way back from Chatham and he'd get the part from him and replace it.

So he left for awhile, came back around 8pm and down to the dungeon once more. Bang, clank, whack whack, on and on it went. It was almost 9pm by the time he dragged himself up the stairs one last time to show me how much crud was inside the old thingamajiggy.  I nodded wisely, yes indeedy, it needed to be replaced. Whatever the hell it is!?

Finally I was able to drag myself off to bed. As I wearily went upstairs to my beloved bed I wondered at the sad state of affairs this world has come to when a hot water tank that is only 2 years old could have thingamajiggys so full of crud that they don't work anymore. I rent my hot water tank so for three service calls, unplugging and replugging, hemming and hawing and a new part I paid absolutely nothing. (Though who can tally the cost of my annoyance???) What a business model! I'm sure that for however much it cost to pay those three men to come to my house and for the price of the part I made out like a bandit while the company...well, not so much.

No wonder the economy went to hell in a handbasket! It makes my head hurt just to think about this one company's inefficiencies.

So I'm just going to think nice thoughts about flowers and robins and bees and sunshine.


Jane said...

...and butterflies and ice cream, and chilled wine and the sea and.....
Jane x

livingrichonthecheap said...

Nothing is made like it used to be anymore, pretty sad state of affairs. A robin landed in my yard yesterday, looked at all the snow (keep in mind this is a Vancouver Island Robin, much less hearty than Ontario robins) and was like WTF? Wheres the worms?

Sonya Ann said...

Seems like you are getting your money's worth out of this rental. it normally doesn't work like that for me.

Tanner said...

I was really cringing reading all that, and then took a deep breath of relief when you said that was a rental and the repairs were paid for. Upsetting? You bet. But paying for 3 repair calls on something you bought full price? I would've been MAD!

kim said...

I have never heard of renting a hot water heater? But that paid off this time.

Susanna said...

do you have to pay for all these repairs and service calls?! reminds me of the alarm system I had when I moved in - it would do it's check-in and short out my phone line (this is in 2000!) then phone company would come out and unhook alarm to fix phone...then alarm didn't work so alarm company would come out and re-hook to would short out and repeat repeat repeat...drove me nuts. I will never get a system that connects to my phone again(don't even have phone so doesn't matter LOL!) but drove me crazy like I had all day to sit around an wait for someone to show up just for the same problem to happen repeatedly.

Gill T said...

I do agree why is it that things never last any length of time anymore?

barb said...

WOW they are really jerking you around.
Would it be easier to replace the hot water tank and fire the rental company?