Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Friday

Every Friday at school is FUN FRIDAY!! It's great because we start off by making French Toast - yum yum - and then we play games. The little whipper snappers don't even realize they're still learning!! They think they're getting out of work!! HAH! 

Today we played:

The game involves: following a calendar, taking turns, being a good sport (they have gone from being the worst losers ever to now being fairly gracious losers - BIG progress!), patience, buying and selling property, reading all the game cards, adding and subtracting amounts of money, making decisions, taking risks, playing the lottery, paying bills etc etc. 

I was so happy with how they played the game together today. One girl used to be such a horrible loser she would threaten the other kids by making the "I'll slit your throat" gesture....yes, really. BUT now she can laugh it off when she loses AND when she wins she doesn't gloat quite so much.

To top it all off it was an actual PAYDAY for me too!! For all of five minutes I let my pay sit in my chequing account and then I whisked over half of it away into savings. I paid off my mastercard (groceries & gas plus a few odds and ends from Home Depot) (gotta collect those points!). After school I dropped into the LCBO to get my supply of red wine, then bought gas whilst shuddering at the prices and also purchased at few things at the Superstore. I still made it home by 3:30 where I promptly wasted some time on Facebook, fed the old decrepit cat and started my tax return. I finally have my T4 but I know it'll be awhile (ages and ages)  til Kazi gets all of her T4s and tuition amount from her college website. Getting the documents you need for doing taxes here in Canada can take a while (REALLY tests my patience!!). No one busts their butt getting things mailed out in a very timely fashion. That really irks me if you haven't figured that out by now. GRRRR! 

I'm just putting in time til I pick up a couple friends and we're going out to dinner! Yes, it's GREEK night at our local hangout - the Sweet Onion Grill. I am going to be SO ready for some great food and wine and music!! Yes, live music too while we eat! FUN FUN FUN for everyone today!!

What did YOU do today that was FUN FUN FUN for FRIDAY??!


Jane said...

A drinky before dinner,wine with fun fun Friday!
Jane x

livingrichonthecheap said...

Wow, sounds like a great day to me. Enjoy the Greek. It does such how long everyone takes to mail out slips. I am waiting on RRSP and investment slips and expect a refund so am hoping they arrive soon so we can file our personal income tax. Fortunately, the company income tax is done :)

livingrichonthecheap said...

I meant suck...apparently I need to go back to school.

judy said...

Guess i should be glad everything has to be in the mail by the 31st of Jan or the companies can be fined. Need to go food shopping and then to the state store tomorrow before sundays storm

jolie said...

I used to love PayDay and played it with my next door neighbour. Good memories.

scatterwisdom said...

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Holly Nelson said...

I really don't want to do my taxes!