Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lazy Day

I keep thinking I should be doing something...

I get upset with myself because I don't feel like doing anything...

But my puritan upbringing doesn't let me rest easily...

Ok, got THAT off my chest. Onwards and upwards. My alarm went off at 7am. Do you think it's strange that I set my alarm on the weekend? Well it's a little game I play with myself. If I get up early then the days of the weekend seem looooonger;  I guess they are longer or at least the amount of time I'm awake is longer. It's all psychological.

I treated myself to a Timmy's and a newspaper today and enjoyed both while keeping one eye on our women's curling team. THEY ARE UNDEFEATED!! Did you know that curling is the second most popular "arm chair" sport? After hockey? I LOVE watching curling - I love how we get to hear them work out their strategy and the loud cries of HARD....HARRRRRRRRRD!!! from the skip. I love the overhead shots showing where the rocks lie and how they can each make their throw curl this way and the other way making seemingly "magical" take outs - I think it's amazing.

YES, I am CANADIAN! And I really wish I had one of those Molson Canadian beer machines in my kitchen! Errrr.....maybe beside my recliner would be better!
Isn't that cool?? I have a passport - do you think I could get a beer?

Perhaps after I'm finished my glass of wine!

Last night I had THE most amazing dinner with my friends Troy, Julie and Susan. We went to a Thai restaurant and had quite the decadent meal - I had a strawberry smoothie with a double shot of rum, DEEP FRIED spring rolls and seafood pad thai. Oh my goodness! I'm sure I exceeded my daily caloric intake with just the smoothie! And I've never had deep fried spring rolls before - they were to die for. Needless to say most of the pad thai is in my fridge (just a regular fridge though I think there are a couple of Bud Lights in there :) 

Then off to see "Monuments Men".  Being an Art History major I really enjoyed the story and I wondered frequently how much work it must have been to duplicate all of those paintings and statues or is that all done with computers?? I thought the dialogue was not the greatest in parts and it jumped around a bit but overall it was enjoyable though the real loss of some major works of art made me sad. There were some funny spots like when Matt Damon's character was standing on an unexploded land mine - yes, that might not seem funny but it all worked a funny way...

Happily this is our Family Day long weekend :) :) so I still have 2 days left to enjoy. I think I'll load up my plate with leftovers, feed the cat, and treat myself to an episode or two from the new season of HOUSE OF CARDS!!! And tomorrow I must cheer on our Canadian men's hockey team as they play against Finland. YES, I lead the most exciting life!  


  1. livingrichonthecheapFebruary 15, 2014 at 7:10 PM

    I can't believe how well the Canadians as a group are doing, we were even leading the medal count the other day for about 8 hours :) Enjoy your long weekend. We had our long weekend in BC last week (they like to be different out here)

  2. The passport opening beer fridge is the best...I don't drink beer,so mine is up for grabs.
    Jane x

  3. Enjoy your long weekend. I am glad Kazi is safely home.

  4. the witch witchisland blogspotFebruary 16, 2014 at 7:35 AM

    I do love that beer fridge.
    I just need a woman cave to have it installed in.
    Glad you had a fun night out with the girls. Food sounds delicious.

    I'm also hoping Canada can bring home a medal in curling, Jennifer Jones is playing so well.
    We have a blizzard going on right now so tomorrow for most will be a shoveling day.
    Enjoy your lazy day.

  5. Jane tell me.........where is this magical fridge?
    Settting the alarm on weekends is genius!

  6. The beer fridge is at the Canada Olympic House in Sochi - for use by the Canadian athletes - pretty cool right??

  7. Having a great weekend so far, thanks Marjorie!

  8. Well, I don't mind helping out with your share :)

  9. We've been slipping down the standings unfortunately - not racking up the gold medals like we did last time but our Canadian athletes are such a class act in so many ways!

  10. Jane I just ordered the car escape tool .$16.95 for two from fit on your key chain.
    Jane x

  11. What did you think about Monuments Men, I think we are going to there tonight to watch it!


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