Sunday, February 23, 2014

Satisfying Sunday

I did all of my errands yesterday so that I could stay at home today and watch the final hockey game (YAY Canada!!) and closing ceremonies. The game started at 7am so I was up at 6:30am raring to go. What an awesome finish to the games for Canada. It wasn't really a nail biter of a game thankfully so I wasn't too stressed out :)

While I was out yesterday I stopped into my favorite store - HOME DEPOT!! I made a list recently of what I needed to get to finish my renos and I was able to knock a few things from the list - very satisfying! I bought 18 new handles for my kitchen cupboards, 4 for the downstairs bathroom and 6 for the upstairs bathroom.  I installed the kitchen cupboard handles but not the ones for the bathrooms as I plan to paint both vanities first.

Also crossed off the list is the wallpapering tray - I hope to get the wallpaper hung in the foyer over March break plus a whole bunch of painting so I am getting all the needed supplies in NOW so I won't be able to procrastinate once March break arrives. That's the plan anyways.

Recently I was in Giant Tiger getting a few things for school and I noticed they now sell quite a wide range of window curtains/panels and yesterday I found just what I needed for around my patio doors. I  was soooooo happy about this because I needed panels longer than the standard 84" and I found ones that were 96" long - SCORE!!  I also scored a nice drapery rod for my dining room window on sale for $8 and hung a satiny beige curtain I bought 2nd hand at Talize. I'm trying to do my renos/redecorating on a small budget and since I went over budget on all of the flooring (which still isn't all complete) I've had to be more frugal in other areas. This morning I hung a "new to me" curtain in the laundry room - also a Talize purchase. I'm trying to get at least 1 little job done each day so that it doesn't seem too overwhelming. So far so good.

I think I have a solution for the basement floors. There is laminate flooring installed now but it's slightly damaged from getting damp when the hot water tank leaked - I don't want to spend a lot replacing it and found on youtube that cement floors can be painted so that's another goal though I don't think there will be time on March break for that too - I may need to hire someone.

Well, the laundry is done (during intermissions of the hockey game) so my last job for today is washing floors and vacuuming but wouldn't you know Kazi came home after watching the hockey game at her boyfriends's house and is now sound asleep - I guess the vacuuming will have to wait. I know many of you would just go ahead and vacuum anyways - after all it is 2pm - but I like having a handy excuse for procrastinating :)

  Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Cindy Masterson-RothFebruary 23, 2014 at 3:40 PM

    What a great day you have had accomplishing stuff, whilst I lay around watching the dog hair float by & the dust bunnies build Condos. YAY Canada GOLD !!!

  2. witchisland blogspot. caFebruary 23, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    Really Giant Tiger had these? What a score!!
    They are coming to S/Side in the old Zellers location.
    Sounds as if you are really getting ready for March break. It will be a working break from the sounds of it. But I'm sure it will be nice to have all this done whether you sell now or later.
    We re-painted the cement floors in our old house and you need to have special paint and lots of ventilation, and I mean huge ventilation because the paint fumes are wicked. Just a heads up.
    The floors were beautiful afterwards and with the right area carpet it can be golden for re-sale and you take the carpet with you. I bought a high end area carpet Kathy Ireland Estilo which we have in the area bump out of the bedroom and I never tire of looking at it. Something to think about when buying.
    Hopefully you will post up-dates of your reno's. So glad to see you handling all this so well after all that has happen in the last few months.
    But I always knew you were a strong women.
    You deserve a GOLD metal
    Take care and enjoy the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

  3. We have some curtain panels for Giant Tiger..they are grrrrrrreat!
    (sorry, blush ,blush)
    Jane x

  4. It makes me happy to hear you excited about life and accomplishing so much!

  5. I do the same thing, I break big projects into little tiny bits and then work on it. If I didn't do it that way, I would never get anything done.


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