Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Blindness

See the picture above? No, me neither. I have snow blindness. Everywhere I look new unnamed mountain ranges are popping up blocking my view. By the time I inch forward at an intersection to see if anyone is coming I'm already half way into the street!

I just want to put my thanks out there though to those amazing folks who are once again working around the clock removing snow so that I can have a safe place to park when I get to school. And as I arrived home yesterday two young men were snowblowing the pathway to my front door and shovelling the steps clean and then sprinkling salt to keep me from slipping and breaking my pelvis!
You guys deserve a little something extra in your pay packet this winter!

As I drove to school this morning I was listening to a radio show - several people called in and said they were trying to just "embrace the snow"! My first response was "bully for you!" but then I thought maybe they were on something....I mean "ONTO" something! Does it do us any good to complain...does it make us feel any better? Well, yes, it does so forget that theory!

My feeble efforts to have a "good attitude" this winter are long buried under a ton of snow and won't see the light of day for at least another month. It's impossible to go for a brisk walk anywhere unless I want to walk on the road. The thought of sledding down a slick hill sounds kind of inviting until I think about the trip back up the hill slogging through snow up to my waist whilst trying to pull the sled.
No, my enjoyment of this winter consists purely of looking at it from the comfort of my living room, to be exact - my recliner, covered in a fur blanket and with a warm drink close to hand. On the floor beside me are a stack of books and magazines and newspapers, my laptop or iPad playing some tunes or listening to CBC radio. Now THAT sounds inviting!

If anyone out there is having another snow day and/or school is cancelled you need to watch this:

Sorry, for some reason the URL isn't working here so I'm going to post the video separately. I promise you it'll make you laugh!

Have a great day! I'm listening to the Rankin Family and my toes are a-tapping!

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