Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Back on Feb. 18 I posted pictures of my snowdrops bursting out of
their winter prison. Such brave and hardy little souls they were.
Then, three days later on Feb. 21st - WHAMMO -
Huge piles of snow covered up the snowdrops, howling winds
created huge drifts of snow and the little bits
of spring were buried once again.

This set of snowdrop pictures I took this morning.
Yes, it's Round Two folks, and this time I am betting on the
snowdrops! (Well, I bet on them back in February too so that's not
saying much!) I just feel it in my bones that this time,
the SNOWDROPS will prevail!
While the snowgod has been full of bluster and bravado I
think his time has come and gone.
Go snowgod go! I bid you farewell!
It is time for you to loosen your icy grip and go back
to the Arctic or Siberia or wherever you came from.
Away with you!
Just look at that luscious green -
doesn't it just make your heart soar?

I really think the snowdrops are thumbing their collective
noses at the snowgod - he may have won the battle
but the snowdrops will win the WAR on winter!!
Yes! There are too many of them! You can't win
you dastardly snowgod!  Retreat, retreat!! while
you still can with some dignity intact!
No more hanging our heads, together we will prevail!!


Niki said...

Snowdrops for the WIN!

444 said...

I'm rooting for the snowdrops!

Johanna said...

The snowdrops of course!! I took a peek at my front flower garden and saw the tulips starting to poke through. Spring is coming!!!

Sharon said...

Love, Love, Love these!!

Jessica07 said...

Oh my goodness! How absolutely spectacular! I wish we had those in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! There are some pussy-willows getting ready to burst on our property - I can't wait!
What's with the snow, anyway? Sheesh! We're supposed to get5 -10 cm on Friday.

Maureen said...

Dont you be sending the Snow my way, but I,ll have a bunch of your award winning Snowdrops. They remind me of home.

jpkittie said...

woohoo for snowdrops! :)

Lisa @Cents To Save said...

The Snowdrops are gonna win!!! Lovely pictures, as always :)

SonyaAnn said...

We still have snow on the ground. I just keep dreaming about summer. If I were you, I would be digging the flowers out. That's just me, though.

Lindy Mint said...

They are mighty warriors indeed. I'm getting a lot of spring signs this week, I'll send you the good vibes.

Marge Mercurio said...

What great photos! Yes, it's time for the snowdrops to emerge and claim their space in the world! It's coming ... it really is!