Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Beautiful Mistakes

The other night when Michael and I went to the Vietnamese restaurant
I picked out a couple of fortune cookies from a large bag sitting by the cash
register. Something about my fortune really spoke to me
so I thought I would share it with you:
"How can you have a beautiful ending without make beautiful mistakes."

Isn't that great? I love it.
I have made some really HUGE mistakes in my life but
they were beautiful mistakes because look where I am now - I'm headed
towards a beautiful ending - an adventurous life in PEI
with a really great guy.
My daughter is doing well in university and knows where she is headed.
I feel confident that she is going to be OK.
I have a really great teaching position which will reward me with
a more than adequate pension - in fact, I am planning to
live on a reduced pension and retire two years early!

A beautiful mistake

Here are just a few of my beautiful mistakes:
(in random order)
  • married the wrong man
  • accidentally got pregnant
  • gave a lot of $$ to an unstrustworthy person (never got it back)
  • didn't apply myself in highschool
  • worked after highschool instead of going to post-secondary right away
  • made some poor friend choices
  • partied away my 20's
AND, these beautiful mistakes have resulted in a beautiful ending.
Don't regret your mistakes.
Everything you have done over the course of your lifetime
has formed the person you are today.

You are an amazing person.
I am grateful to know you.
What is...or will be...your beautiful ending?


  1. Your fortune cookie was right. If you had done one thing differently you may not be where you are today. No regrets!
    I had a great fortune just couple nights ago (yes, we went out to eat) but it said "you are smart, for you things smartly"
    Who knew fortune cookies could be so insightful?

  2. That's an awesome fortune!! Sooooo true. I try to make it my motto that if I learned from a "mistake" I will not allow myself to regret it.

  3. Love this post, Jane.

    I've made a lot of beautiful mistakes, too, and I regret very few. They DO make us what we are, if we are wise enough to learn from them.

  4. I honestly don,t feel there will ever be a happy ending for me, that doesent mean I am wallowing in self pity I,m just enjoying the things which make me feel I have achieved something, my children and Grandchildren.

    You deserve your wonderful life after getting off to a rocky start, maybe you did get accidently pregnant, but there for the grace of God go many many of us.
    And look at the happy outcome of that accident.

  5. Well said Jane. These circumstances are part of our evolution. In the moment there are so many judgments but as we evolve we become stronger, better for ourself and the relationships we share.

    It was my mistake that brought me to this place of knowing you. Yea to making mistakes.

    Aren't we all human beings.

    One thing I say to myself when I make a mistake is "how fascinating". Try it sometime.

    "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong".
    Joseph Chilton Pearce


  6. Thanks for this post Jane. I really needed a reminder today of how beautiful my mistakes are. Sometimes they just don't feel attractive at all.

  7. Jane what a wonderful post. I wholeheartedly agree. We simply cannot be the person we are at any given moment without the history of our lives having got us there. Mistakes and all!

  8. Love this post too Jane..we've made very similar mistakes!

    I decided a long time ago to always look forward and live without regret, it's the only way to be :)

  9. I have always said I would never undo one moment of my life. Not even the abuse I suffered. Without those experiences I would not be ME. And I PROUD of WHO I AM. I don't think of my choices as mistakes. They are what they are.

  10. lovely post!
    I think it's only a mistake if we don't learn something from those experiences.

  11. Don't regret your mistakes ... well said. Often times we think ... "if only..." instead of "Wow, what a discovery!"

    Excellent post - thanks for sharing with us!


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