Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marching into April (yuck yuck!)

It's funny how when you look at the chart as a whole you notice the errors. Like I had a category that was called "Shoppers Drug Mart Sympathy Card" as if I'm buying those in bulk or something! So shifted that to my favourite of all categories - "Misc"!

But then I noticed another troubling trend - I can't seem to make up my mind if coffee (Starbucks, Timmy's, Red Roaster - yup, I like my coffee) is "Misc" or "Entertainment"!  Sometimes I put it under entertainment and sometimes I put it under Misc. Perhaps it's because sometimes I am just picking it up and leaving to go somewhere else, like work, and other times I'm actually staying, sitting at a table and chatting with Michael or a friend which could be classified as "Entertainment". That sounds sort of reasonable doesn't it?  

However, the truth of the matter is that I'm just inconsistent and forget from one day to the next where I should put it. 

Actually, I'm also afraid that if I put them all under "Misc" then there's next to nothing listed under "Entertainment" which makes it look as if I don't have a life and that's simply not true!

Why....just this evening Michael and I are planning an amazing night of entertainment!!! Yes indeedy!  As soon as I finish this post I am going to borrow a few movies - yes, I'm at the library so I can borrow them for FREE and then we are going to go home for a lovely home-cooked meal and we will have POPCORN while we watch the movie reclining in our most comfortable bed which means I'll fall asleep about half-way through it, gently snoring while Michael watches the ending of the movie very carefully so he can tell me tomorrow what I missed!!

it doesn't get any more entertaining than that!!


  1. oh you changed around the background of your blog, its very nice! I commend you! You were paying of debt as a single parent! That is a whole other level of respect and commitment. I don't think I would make as much progress with my student debt if i had more then just myself and 2 cats to look after. Also teaching is what I would like to get into a few years down the road.. when I stop looking like a 10th grader ;P

  2. Perhaps you should have a 'Coffee' category?! :):)

    Great going on the savings and debt!

  3. I am an honest believer that it truly doesn't matter where you are putting it, just as long as you are putting it!! hehe

  4. yeah I like the miscellaneous category too, too many categories does my head in.

  5. Hi sister: Just a thought, maybe it's time to invest in a Keurig coffee machine and buy all those speciality "bar code" coffee & teas that go in chocolate is yummy too..There is another famous brand too that is slipping my vacant mind..I'm out in la, la land as both kids are out of a job..I just sit here and write L.Dee

  6. I put coffee and other quick stops as "snacks". But like JP said, it doesn't matter where you put it, as long as you include it! :)!

    Bring on April!

  7. Haha. I think I'M going to take Laura's advice. LOL

  8. I think you need a 'coffee' category too! unless you're ok alternating between misc and entertainment! I honestly have trouble deciding between those as well on some things..and eating out as well - is that entertainment or groceries/food?
    I think it only matters if you're trying to cut more from the budget or want to see where your money is really going - like how much entertainment is movies vs something else you may like better or not so much and how much of food is groceries and how much is dining out or drive thrus? I found when I was being 'good' and tracking that I blew a lot eating out and a lot of that was fast food that added up to a lot over the month.


  9. Yes, I too vote for a "coffee" category. It deserves its own place of honor amongst the rest.

    Our entertainment category is usually pretty small too - that doesn't mean we don't live it up though!


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