Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland.....Again

Today I awoke to a winter's wonderland.
Sounds lovely doesn't it?
And it was absolutely beautiful...
...especially since I didn't have to shovel it!

At some point in the wee hours I woke up and
saw my alarm clocking flashing
12:00     12:00     12:00      12:00       12:00
Oh no!!  What time is it really??
According to Michael's cell phone it was 4:22am
so I hadn't overslept.
I turned on the light and reset the clock and alarm
but didn't go back to sleep, too worried that the hydro would
go off again.

Michael got me to school safely and within about
half an hour all school buses were cancelled.
However, my broken angel was brought to school despite
the cancellations and fortunately four of my
regular EAs made it to school too.

We discovered that our broken angel likes having the
classroom all to himself.
He had a really great day and so did we.
It was a very positive ending to the week and a
great beginning to our March break.

I hope you all made it safely through your Friday.
Michael and I are off to the movies as usual.  Two "new" movies
are showing at the Hyland so we are putting our memberships to
good use. We are seeing "Biutiful" and "The Way Back".
AND I plan to have popcorn!


  1. I do love your positive attitude, but quite frankly winter can suck it! I am over seeing snow, I was so happy that there was grass peeping through than awoke to snow everywhere. I am hoping this is just winter's death rattle.

  2. Good morning Jane!!
    What a beautiful way to wake up on a Friday. Soft fluffy snow.How picture perfect! We have rain here in Prince County. The snow banks are shrinking...... and more grass is being uncovered from the winter blanket of snow.
    What are your plans for March Break? Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Enjoy your week, relax, reflect and give thanks for all that we have. We are truly blessed!!!
    That's what I do every morning with my cup of tea before the day gets started.
    Life is good!!
    Island Hugs,

  3. I agree with Niki, your positive attitude can make any situation seem cheery and productive. The snow is beautiful, but I imagine you are quite tired of it by now.

  4. This round of winter was a shock (it was raining when I went to bed!) but it certainly was pretty. I'm kind of hoping it was snows' last hurrah however. I'm glad your last day before the break went smoothly. Hope the movies (and the popcorn) were great!

  5. Hi Jane -- the photos are truly beautiful. Snow makes such a lovely canvas, doesn't it?

    I will gladly send you some Colorado sunshine for some of your moisture!

  6. Snow??? No! But I'm so glad it's not bothering you! I ALWAYS buy the movie popcorn, it's my favorite! Have a wonderful time!


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