Monday, March 28, 2011

Hittin' the Beach!!

Yessiree bob, it's that time of year again...a time for beach blankets, flipflops, sunscreen, sunglasses and ice cold beverages! Yes - it's time to hit the beach!

Due to the cancellation of other plans yesterday, Michael and I found ourselves at Timmy's, coffee in hand, the car all gassed up and no place to go! So, with the sun shining brightly, beach blanket in the trunk of the car and sunglasses firmly planted on noses we, like any other Canadian couple with nothing to do, headed for the beach! Yahoo!

First we toured Pt. Burwell, famous for its wind farm and Lighthouse Restaurant (um...not so much), not to mention white, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see:

Wind turbines

Dabbling my boot-clad toes in Lake Erie - refreshing!!

Did I mention the ice floes??
Yes...well...on the bright side they're not in the water anymore!

Beached ice floe

New and old technology: wind turbine
and abandoned tobacco kilns

Michael chowing down on his toasted chicken sandwich
and homemade fries at the "quaint"
Lighthouse Restaurant

Travelling east along the Lake Erie coastline we stopped to snap
some photos of the wind turbines and tobacco kilns only to
happen across this gorgeous view.
You can almost convince yourself it's summer!

Final destination: Long Point, ON
Looking a bit like the surface of the moon!
Here we are in Long Point; a gorgeous "point" of land extending
far into Lake Erie. Here all of the ice was still in the lake.

No dipping my toes in here!

The day's end...but we'll be back!


laura said...

Beautiful pictures Jane!

Sharon said...

Pictures are beautiful Jane! You really know how to live...

I laughed when I saw the snow next to the beach...never saw that before...

Niki said...

I will have to wave at you next time we are at Lake Erie, we are on the opposite side, but I'll wave anyway.

Girl Makes Cents said...

Nice pictures! I'm about three hours north of you. D and I went to the beach last week to eat lunch. After we ate we walked on the ice and slid around for a bit. The lake still has about a foot of fun.

Mark said...

By the title, I thought that I would be seeing you in your bikini! But I have to say that that chicken sandwich looked equally as yummy.
Your Friend, m.

Jane said...

Hey Girl Makes Sense - Welcome to my blog - 3 hours north eh? Which beach were you at?
Sharon - gee, you got a whole inch of snow?? You know, I never thought about how odd snow on the beach was before but you're right, it does seem kind of weird!

Jane said...

Mark - you'll NEVER see me in a bikini unless I manage to lose 15 lbs....naw, not even then! But skinny dipping? that's another story...