Friday, March 18, 2011

Guess What's Lurking Under the Snow and Old Dead Leaves and Other Signs of Spring OR How I Spent St. Paddy's Day

It's time for a change. Perhaps you've noticed the preponderance of green on my blog today. Perhaps you've noticed the ridiculously long post title. Rest assured, dear readers, that I haven't gone totally bonkers, in fact, I think my sanity is being restored...AND I vow NOT to post one more snow-related photo AND perhaps nothing WHITE for the rest of the ENTIRE YEAR. That's right, nothing related to WINTER until January 1st, 2012!!! I don't care if it all SNOWMAGEDDON breaks out - that's it, I'm done, forgeddaboutit!

Thank you for listening, that was very cathartic!

Yesterday Michael and I drove to check out our trailer in Bayfield. I hadn't been there since mid-November when I raked the last of the leaves and battened down the hatches. Over the winter....correction....over the horridly long, snowy, blowy, storm-ridden winter I had visions of the flat trailer roof caving in from the weight of all the great heaping mounds of snow. OR, a rather large mouse family looking for shelter from all of the, you guessed it, SNOW!!

Happily, there was no sign of leakage or rodent squatting. And on our property there was no sign of SNOW! It was gone, melted, and under the rotting, wet leaves were lovely green growing things that lifted up my heart and made me smile from ear to ear. Michael got up on the roof and cleaned out the eavestrough, gently raked the leaves off of the flower beds while I went into town for supplies. On my way to town I heard a robin sing and I was able to snap a couple of pictures from the car.

We ended the day at the local pub - The Albion - with chicken wings and beer (although NOT the green kind...of beer that is...) It was a perfectly wonderful day!
Fiddling on the Roof

Buds on the Lilac Tree

Got a lot of compliments on my fancy rubber boots!
No fire in the firepit today - it was full of water.

One lone tulip poking up through a leaf.

The myrtle always bounces back quickly. It won't be
long til the lovely purple flowers are blooming.

I removed the dead leaves and look what was underneath!
The hens and chickens multiplied while I wasn't looking!

Humble yet so photogenic!

Bursting with life!

No wonder the robins are so fat and sassy -
look who's coming to dinner!

Very happy to be back in the neighbourhood!

The kids are already down on the beach
throwing rocks into the lake!

Lunch on the patio: whole grain bread, hummus, grapes
and our friend Stella:)

Our yard waste was the first to arrive at
the garbage area!

After clearing away the dead stalks this year's
growth of hollyhocks are well underway.

I'm a real swinger!

If you're happy that spring is here SMILE!

I'll wait til all of the ice melts though
before dipping my toes in!


  1. It wasn't until I heard the birds outside my window chirping in the morning that I knew spring was truly coming. We may get one more small dump of the white stuff, who knows? But it will come to an end! What a long, yucky winter it has been.

  2. I love the green! It is so spring-like!
    We are finally seeing the snow melt here east of the city too. Our driveway is now full of mud, rather than snow and ice ;) We even had a family of deer out on the lawn yesterday.
    You've made me want to go check on my hens and chickens...
    Enjoy the lovely weather.

  3. What a great way to spend St. Patrick's Day Jane. It was a beautiful day to drive up to check things out. Glad there were no critters and of course no snow!! How long of a drive is it? Will you spend some time at the trailer this summer and the rest in PEI? Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for the lovely pictures, especially the robin. WOW!!!
    Life is good.....
    Island hugs,

  4. Love love love the pictures. Life is green in the spring. Bring it on I'm ready :)

  5. I absolutely adore your Wellingtons! I'm also very happy to have proof of spring's arrival. I love the bright and cheery changes

  6. I'm happy and I'm smiling with my sun roof open, as I cruise around today. I guess my dreams of finishing all that work over break, was just that, a dream.

    Thanks for sharing smiles! I needed that. Come on Spring!

  7. Beautiful pictures. I like when photos are added with the stories. It helps.
    I have been looking at trailers too. I need one with a few acres where my kids can run and scream and no one is bothered by them. They would love it there was a lake nereby too. Especially if the lake had fish in it.
    Great Post.
    Your Friend, m.

  8. What a great place! Keep the green a'coming - I won't get sick of it, or any other color other than white.
    Hens'n'chicks are one of my favorite plants, too. Yours look exceptionally healthy!

  9. Welcome Mark, and thank you! I take photos almost everyday so gotta do something with them lol!

  10. Kendra: we will start using the trailer NOW until the beginning of July then head east. We will have to go back and forth once at least as we have a couple of wedding dates to work around this summer and will take the opportunity to hang out at the trailer. We will also use the trailer in September and October too so it's still worth it to keep it until I finally, permanently retire. Next to PEI, it's my favourite place to be and it's just a one hour drive from London.

  11. Your blog is a delight to the eye, keep on giving us a picture gallery of your life.

    Love the Wellies, do they do those in green too :)

    I know Autumn is here for us as it is pouring of rain and there is no humidity with it, in fact is that a cool breeze I feel ???


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