Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Can you see the three black pins in my map of Canada? Squint a little - it helps! I started my incredible basement biking odyssey in London, ON which is the pin at bottom left. The pin that is near the centre is where I am now having cruised through Montreal, and the pin top right is stuck into Alberton, PEI, my final destination. It would appear as if I'm halfway through my journey, but alas, due to the scarcity of roads in New Brunswick I will be travelling around New Brunswick more so than through it.

After last night's ride I have "travelled" 722km and have 1180km left to go. I would like to be halfway there by the end of March which is 221 more kms. I don't think I can manage that in only 12 more days but I'll give it my best shot. I fell behind quite a bit with that virus hanging on and on but am pedalling like a mad witch now. (think Wizard of Oz!)

Tonight Michael and I are heading to the John Labatt Centre (we Canadians are so proud of our beer we name our stadiums after it!) to see Sarah Mclachlan, one of Canada's most talented singers. The tickets were a gift for his ____th birthday. You can guess! He loves to tell people I'm older, though really only by 8 months!

Here's one of her more famous songs:

After the concert we'll likely head to Maggies, listen to some jazz, and sip a couple of martinis, or Blueberry Tea(Grand Marnier & Amaretto...oh yeah and a little orange pekoe) - yum! A couple of lowbrows having a highbrow night - tee hee! I'll make sure I hold my pinkie out at the correct angle:)

Hope your weekend is going swell and that it's not snowing where you are!


  1. I LOVE Sarah! I hope you and Michael have a wonderful time! Have a drink for me!!

  2. No it,s definitely not snowing LOL
    Sunday sees our whole family heading to my Daughters to celebrate my Grandsons 5th birthday.
    I know I shouldent say this it,s so cliched but I really do remember every aspect of the day he was born, this is my life that,s flashing before my eyes, scary really.

  3. Have a great night! I so wanted to see Sarah, but I had to be out of town this weekend to throw my BFF's baby shower (an awesome event in it's own right of course). Maggie's is such a great spot-perhaps I'll see ya there some time :)

  4. Enjoy the show! My sister and I have followed Sarah for a while, before many Americans even knew who she was.

    We saw her last month when she was in our town. I was a little worried it would be like a nostalgia show, but I was pleasantly surprised. She's traveling with great talent now.

  5. I love that song and her! Enjoy :)

  6. Hey, hope you had fun last night!

    Cute story about Sarah MacLaughlin: a friend of mine was surfing and camping at Tofino (west coast of Vancouver Island).
    She was in one of the beach's public bathrooms, and while she was 'doing her thing', she was belting out a Sarah MacLaughlin song.
    Meanwhile, another woman in the bathroom joined her, and when she emerged, she realized it was Sarah MacLaughlin!!!!
    What are the odds?? I love that story!

  7. Good job on biking so far. It might be short of your goal but that's a heck of a lot of miles.

  8. Kim - that's a great story!! WOW! You just never know who might be in the next stall!!
    Psychsarah - well be sure to come and say hi to me if you see me at Maggies! That would be COOL!


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