Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Passing through Montreal!!

Just a quickie post to let you know that I have reached Montreal on my bike ride to PEI!! I'm actually on the outskirts and headed towards Quebec City except that I'm on the other side of the St. Lawrence River. Still have a hell of a long way to go!

(I think I'll watch a few movies in french while I pedal through la belle province tee hee! just to get me in the spirit of things!)

Oh and they're probably tapping the maple trees as I speak errrr  write this so think I'll pick up some maple syrup!


  1. I'd quite like to go to Montreal..the food there is supposed to be amazing! Can you tell that my diet is not going very well, all I'm thinking about is food?!?

    Well done on your progress Jane :)

  2. Yay! We are doing so great.

  3. Yum - maple syrup! Your doing fabulous on the bike...I am not doing so well on my running anymore. Time, family, blah-blah... I really need to pull it all together again. I think my downfall was the new shoes - they do not help at all. More like they are a hinderance.

  4. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride :) It's fun to hear where you're at. My French is seriously rusty, but you're doing "tres bien" on your ride :)

  5. I love the idea of watching french movies while cycling through Quebec. Have you seen The Triplets of Belleville? or La grande seduction? Delicatessen is horrifically funny. (I love french films)

  6. You are doing awesome on your bike! I was suppose to set up walking across the country to California on my treadmill. Oh well. I guess I can still try it. :)!


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