Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Workshop Blues

I've got the workshop blues.....

There is nothing to show you from the workshop today.  I've taken a few days off from the fun stuff to get some of the household projects completed. I have a very long to do list and have knocked off a few things this week.

  • first I painted the crown moulding in the living room. It has needed doing for a couple of years now (not exactly a speed demon am I?) I couldn't decide whether to continue the wall colour or paint it the ceiling colour - not that there's a huge difference. The walls are painted "White Swan" and the ceiling is also white - not sure it has a name. Finally, after consultation with my seester I painted them "White Swan." Such a non-exciting project - no wonder I kept putting it off. But I'm glad it's finally done.  CHECK
  • Repaint the white kitchen shelf using the RIGHT paint this time so it doesn't flake off, get stained etc. I'm glad I have CAA as it took 20% off the cost of the paint! CHECK
  • Remove wallpaper from a small hall wall hahaha! The other walls of the foyer had been re-wallpapered close to 2 years ago! I wasn't putting up wallpaper on this wall however, I was painting it ?  ............ yes WHITE!! You got it first try! match the wall along the staircase. Put up hooks removed when I began redecorating 2 years ago. Put shelf back up above the hall tree. Put new batteries in door bell thingy. Put candle holders back up by foyer mirror.
  • paint other kitchen shelf white. Started and will complete today!
  • repainted powder room baseboards, foyer baseboards and small hall wall baseboards. No photos but you can trust me on that! CHECK
And here are the photos...
The previous redecorating of the front foyer - ignore the messy floor.

Stripping off the really old wallpaper.

This shows the hooks I put back up to hold hats and scarves. Also the shelf above the hall tree.

This is just a dead space that I've given a purpose. 
My hat and scarf hooks - don't remember where I bought them.

On the shelf - a beautiful pot I bought while on holiday with Kazi in Quebec and one of my soapstone pieces. Above is the painting I bought from my artist brother, Kim, last November - it finally has a home!

The view from the dining room.

The kitchen shelf painted in extreme white melamine paint.

To the left is the other shelf that will be painted Extreme White.

The final transformation with 2 baskets for hats and gloves. Oh, and a Lily.

A close up reveals a gargoyle hanging over the ledge.
There, that's better.
Once I've had lunch I'll get back to work!
 Are we having fun yet?? Do you have any redecorating projects in the offing?

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