Thursday, March 10, 2016


Yesterday, a friend and I went to an event being held in a new art/antiques/crafts and funky furniture store. It was billed as a creative get together of crafters and artists - a time when we could create together, feed off each other's ideas and forge new relationships within London's artistic community.

It was NONE of these - it was a joke! And the joke was on us! I'll let my friend's email to the organizer explain in the way only she can - honestly and boldly.

"I would like to say the your 'Create with Me' event was a real letdown and as my friend said 'A total rip-off'. Please do not use the photo you took of us in any of your advertising. You need to polish up your communication and other skills such as punctuality and manners. A proper host should not show up late, stare at their phone most of the time, ignore their guests, forget some refreshments like milk (coffee & terrible mini muffins were offered), not explain anything about your business or your goals, not engage your guests in conversations and ignore us when we left without even getting your butt off the couch to say goodbye. An awkward, boring waste of time. We got all this for $7…please help me understand why we had to pay you this when we brought our own crafts? You are clearly out of your element as a host. Big fail. We felt so sorry for the man who showed up late and was left on his own to colour while you continued to gossip with your friend. I was so embarrassed that I invited my friend to this fiasco I ended up treating her to lunch nearby. We both would like a refund of our $7. You can leave it with Kate-who should seriously evaluate any future 'create with me' events at lost&found."

Needless to say we won't be going back. Oh yes, and I was the friend who said it's "a total ripoff!" Stay tuned to see if we get our money back!

In better news, my refund cheque arrived!! Yippee!! A whopping $204.22! Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! AND all the snow and ice is gone from my patio!! I went out and cleaned up a little bit. I took the tarps off my patio furniture so everything could dry out and of course it's raining today. The kitties have been outside once and now mew piteously whenever I come near the patio door. They have spring fever! I was going to go out on my bike today - the tires feeling quite firm about a winter spent languishing in the basement hallway - but again, it's raining so will have to wait. 

BUT...spring IS in the air!!

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