Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday in the Workshop

First I want to complain about the weather!! I just had a weather alert sent to my phone telling me that north London is under a snow squall warning. So IF I lived in south London I wouldn't be getting this additional whack of snow that I just cleaned off my truck?! Poo. Unless the band is moving south, it's a little hard to tell. The crappy part was the 2 inches of frozen rain that lay hidden underneath the 8 inches of snow - SURPRISE!!

Okay, I'm done. Sort of. I'm bitter because I went on a fantastic hike on Sunday when it was sunny and +14c and now THIS! Oh well, March came in like a lion so I EXPECT it to go out like a lamb. Ya hear me Mother Nature??
Sunday in Kilally Meadows - the snow was almost gone!
Something I can't complain about is my heating bill!! Again the bill only came to $52.00!! I checked my Union Gas bill online so I could compare to last year's bill - and last year I paid $83.00!! Looking at the average temperature showed why - last year the average temperature for February was -13c compared to a balmy +3c this year. El Nino, I thank you.

Ok, on to the workshop....this sculpture has been giving me all kinds of grief. I've been slimming down the rounded sections trying to get away from the phallic weird shape that evolved over the first week or two...

...I've worked in a spiral at the one end thinking maybe if I looked at it from another angle I would be inspired...but no, still not digging it.

 ...but now I think I'm getting somewhere - I am liking the swooping curves that are developing. I think it's on its way, finally! Stay tuned for sanding and polishing!

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