Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Day Late and a Dollar (several) Short

Greetings from the workshop! This should have been posted yesterday but as you all know I'm a day late and a dollar short this week. I'm blaming it on the stupid time change. Perhaps the title should read "a day late and an hour short!" 

Here we go...a  friend (the one who invited me to the infamous "waste of time" artist gathering) asked me if I could fix a pendant for her - I'm pretty sure it's soapstone. She had whacked it on something and the tip was scratched and a little piece broke off.

I haven't attempted a repair before (for someone else) but I said sure, why not. It was a fairly easy process - I lightly filed the tip back to its previous shape, then started with my finest sandpaper and worked backwards til I found the grade that would erase nicks and scratches. Then I worked my way forward to the finest grade to make it shine.

It's good as new!

Here's my latest piece all sanded and polished up, yes, the more I look at it the more I like it.

This is my favourite angle...

It reminds me of this!! Or someone kneeling and praying.

This piece also has a little secret...a spiral carved into its base! I am hooked on spirals and their symbology. The main part of the carving also contains a spiral as the groove winds its way from the base to the very top. That's not possible to see in 2D photos.

And finally - Luna and Lily continue to provide CUTE CAT photo ops.
Luna is making the most out of a shaft of sunlight!

She always lies with her front legs stretched out.

I bought a little pet bed at Dollarama - unfortunately Lily chose to have her bottom on the side where there is a scooped out area for easy ins and outs.

If she'd only turn around she'd have a lot more space for snoozing opportunities.

Luna's favourite spot is still the upper section of the castle especially when it's sunny!

I haven't picked my next piece of soapstone because I finally got started on a little redecoration project which requires me to buy some paint. When it's finished I'll give you the tour :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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